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Trip to “Centre For Learning” in India

Brockwood Park School trip is going great, our art teacher Maggie informs us. All are enjoying themselves and they are currently making their way southwest to the Centre For Learning school. We look forward to hearing of their eastern adventures upon their return.
Here are some photos taken whilst traveling and in Rishi Valley, Andhra Pradesh.

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Visit to India

Former Brockwood Park School Mature Student Noe Marcial and current staff member Amel Ouhammou visited a school in India which is inspired by the teachings of Krishnamurti. ‘Shibumi school is a study and learning centre for both adults and young people of school-going age. For adults it offers a space where, through dialogue, one understands oneself and relationships in the light of Krishnamurti’s teachings. For such interested adults only, Shibumi also offers an educational programme where resource persons and parents cooperate in creating a right learning environment for their children.’
While there Noe and co. interviewed Tanushree G Borundia about the school.

Brockwood at the Biocultura Professional Fair

Brockwood Park School has again participated in the Biocultura Professional Fair. The primary objective of this international expo is to bring some positive and contemporary changes in working towards a better environment. The fair was located for the second time in Bilbao and one of our school’s two Basque (Euskara) speakers, Izaro, proved to be an invaluable asset. Here, under K’s watchful eye, she convinces a visitor that his future children need to be attending Brockwood Park School.



Visit to the Far East

With the aim of engaging more with China, our Co-Principal Adrian visited and has just returned with stories of the Far East.

“Instead of reading novels on the beach at Clacton, it seemed like this summer could provide a not-to-be-missed opportunity to add impetus to our recently increased links with mainland China. And so it proved to be: 7 events, both open-to-all public events and smaller whole-day workshops requiring registration, spread over two weeks in three cities, were organised by our translation committee members Sue and Kang in Beijing. These were attended by around 300 people in total, though by now more than a couple of thousand have read the follow-up articles on line.”

Read more here:

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Brockwood Park School Leavers 2014

Every year, students who are leaving Brockwood Park–they are known as “leavers”–go on a camping trip together in Exmoor National Park in North Devon. They are split into small groups and each group has a leader, a navigator, a gear person and a medic. Each person is trained to deal with his or her task, a route is set through the park and students are on their own for the next three days!

At the end of this rite of passage, staff collect students and they all go out for a special meal at a restaurant and stay on the beautiful property of some dear friends of Brockwood Park. Finally they are joined in another location by the rest of the school, for the end of the year camping trip. (Photos by Francesca Sayer)


A pretty idyllic place and many students jumped in the lake for a swim 10397824_650755818346105_1273966447935334728_n

Students being dropped off to go camping 1904234_650755785012775_6781593668995418883_n

Another group ready to depart 10304350_650755788346108_1936996710382262835_n

Students departed on a sunny day and protection against the bright sun was necessary 10469343_650755795012774_4772752430174365695_n

The dinner in honor of the leaving students 10464087_650755775012776_176561934184940594_n

One of the groups about to leave 10416579_650755938346093_6575031452614507841_n

One of the last circle meetings for the leavers 10402743_650755825012771_3924190334389056176_n

After the trip students stayed on the extraordinary property of longtime Brockwood friends, the Ash-Wheelers 10468053_650755945012759_7788690025830047197_n

On this gorgeous day everyone had the opportunity to reflect on their time at Brockwood and to share their thoughts with the other leavers and a few members of staff 10500546_650755941679426_8707889733973702900_n

Cheers & congratulations on a job well done!


Fine Fare at the Green Fair

The annual South Downs Green Fair is taking place today and Brockwood has a high profile and a tasty presence. The Inwoods Cafe, run by parents and staff, has had a steady flow of customers throughout the day who collect leaflets about the schools along with their freshly squeezed juices, organic muffins, breads, pizzas and soup. Students from the main school have their own table in the cafe and are fundraising for the Student Bursary Fund. Head teacher at Inwoods, Mary-Ann Ridgway, reports brilliant sales and a great atmosphere, though at the time of this posting stocks of cakes and goodies were beginning to run low. The fair is held each year at the Sustainability Centre in the heart of Hampshire, 7 miles from Brockwood.

Photographs by Francesca Sayer and Mary-Ann Ridgway

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Mature Students at Yewfield in the English Lake District

This year the entire Mature Student group from Brockwood has been able to travel to Yewfield, in the English Lake District, for a very special five days. The Yewfield trip has meant spending time in this unique landscape and an opportunity to inquire into the question “What are we doing with our lives?”. Each day had been full of exciting work and experiences which have all supported individual learning and group-building. There have been sunrise/sunset dips in Tarn Hows, the nearby lake, and we undertook a 7.5 hour hike, which included climbing a 2500 foot mountain with the rocks moving beneath our feet! Yesterday we did landscape work in the surrounding forest, built fences and worked on a stone footpath. And every night there have been incredible dinners cooked by us working together in small teams. Very busy!

Text: Bailey Jacobs

Photographs: Francesca Sayer

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Historical Visit to the Winchester Archives












The Brockwood Park School History class, studying World War One, recently visited the Winchester Archives. They wanted to look more closely at primary source materials involving WW1. They first received a general tour of the Archives, where they restore, categorize and preserve many very interesting primary handwritten documents, which range from all sorts of documents from the 12th century on. When planning the trip, the teachers, Robbert Bleij and Benjamin Hammond, had asked to look mainly at diaries and letters, in order to research the lives of individuals involved during WW1. The trip proved a great success as the varied documents students were able to examine gave all a good glimpse of the lives of people of all layers of society during WW1.


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Brockwood Students and Staff visit Bedales for Lecture by Rupert Sheldrake

Last night, more than 25 students/staff travelled to Bedales School to hear guest-speaker Rupert Sheldrake deliver a talk entitled “The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry”. Sheldrake is a controversial, world-renowned biologist and author, who is best known for his theory of ‘morphic fields’ and ‘morphic resonance’, which lead to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory.

In his talk Sheldrake identified 10 dogmatic perceptions he believes science has presented to the world, and then he went into challenging three of them in some detail. He talked about different types of experiments we may have been conditioned to overlook by the methodological foundations science presents and has limited itself to.


Sheldrake has had some previous contact with Brockwood Park School and Krishnamurti. In 1982 he visited Ojai, California and did a series of talks with Krishnamurti on psychological disorder and suffering.

The first picture shown here was taken in 1981 in the sitting room at Brockwood Park, when Sheldrake was visiting the School before going to Ojai to meet with Krishnamurti.

1981 Photograph (above) by Rita Zampese—Sheldrake is seen in the centre of the picture with arm resting on the wall.


Rupert Sheldrake

Brockwood at Zeitgeist-Day in London – March 13th, 2011

Z-Day is the yearly awareness-raising event of the issues discussed in the Zeitgeist movie series ( It takes place all over the world. This year Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement and filmmaker of “Zeitgeist: The Movie”, the most watched documentary in the internet’s history (over 200 million views), decided to join the event in London and so did some Brockwood Students and Mature Students. It all happened at the Friends House and over 1000 people came.


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