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Frost at Brockwood

Jack frost has been visiting us here at Brockwood Park and before leaving for winter holidays, student Ara has taken some lovely photographs.

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It’s especially nice when students here at Brockwood Park School teach each other and staff how to be more responsible in our daily lives. Student Noemi (with some help from Alan and Silvia) has done just that by making a short video showing us all how to correctly recycle around the school. This was not an assignment or a project for class, but something she wanted to do as she saw it was important. Noemi has named the video ‘Awareness’ and showed to us all at our school meeting.

Exhibition: ‘A world in Crisis’

An exhibition on a different approach to ‘A world in Crisis’ will be shown for the first time in New Zealand from Friday 21st November – Sunday 23rd November 2014. The exhibition contains photo-journalistic material with commentary by J. Krishnamurti. For more details visit:


Mark Edwards visits Brockwood

Last week we had the privilege of a visit from renowned photographer Mark Edwards. A long term friend of Brockwood, Mark in his early days photographed Krishnamurti a great deal and took striking portraits of him both in England and India. Mark has donated many photos to Brockwood Park and we are all most grateful to him and wish him the best of luck in his increasingly successful global sustainability project:


Mark Edwards at the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust at Brockwood Park

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Left to right: Mark, David, Bill, and Wendy


Krishnamurti & House Music

Can a song have a spirit of enquiry? This song, in the Deep House genre, tries. In “Imprint of pleasure”, by Tube & Berger, from their 2014 album “Pleasure Dip EP”, Krishnamurti can be heard several times asking the question, “First of all, why has man given such importance to pleasure?”

You may read the full talk from which the question was taken (Saanen 1980) here:

Butterfly in the Grove

Butterfly                                         (Photo by Ulrich Eichenauer)


Brockwood Italian Cuisine

There is a particular question that can be heard echoed in the morning hours at Brockwood Park School; that question being, “what’s for lunch?”. Today’s menu sounds amazing.


Kitchen staff are preparing a delicious Italian-inspired lunch today. They are making two types of risotto: Lemon and Leek & Apple and Walnut. The risotto will be complimented with roasted beetroot and carrot, garden salad and fresh bruschetta. We have an incredible kitchen staff at Brockwood who work hard each day to serve the Brockwood community delectable food.

Buon appetito!


Flowers in the Brockwood vegetable garden

Flowers in Vegetable Garden

Photo by Duncan Toms

The Art of Inquiry

Inquiry Time has been a feature of school life at Brockwood for many years. It is a time of the week when the whole school meets to explore a serious topic together, usually through dialogue, but occasionally by other means. At the last Inquiry Time, small group activities were offered and a visiting French illustrator, Delphine Chklé, beautifully captured the students that had chosen the option of exploration and inquiry through art.
Inquity Time Illustration

Light on Paper: Brockwood Alumni Art in London

Former Brockwood Park School student, Josh Alexander, will have his first solo exhibition of original work, including film and photos that he took using a camera obscura, in London. The exhibition dates are May 15-22 and will be at the Hardy Tree Gallery.