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Krishnamurti & House Music

Can a song have a spirit of enquiry? This song, in the Deep House genre, tries. In “Imprint of pleasure”, by Tube & Berger, from their 2014 album “Pleasure Dip EP”, Krishnamurti can be heard several times asking the question, “First of all, why has man given such importance to pleasure?”

You may read the full talk from which the question was taken (Saanen 1980) here:

Butterfly in the Grove

Butterfly                                         (Photo by Ulrich Eichenauer)


Brockwood Italian Cuisine

There is a particular question that can be heard echoed in the morning hours at Brockwood Park School; that question being, “what’s for lunch?”. Today’s menu sounds amazing.


Kitchen staff are preparing a delicious Italian-inspired lunch today. They are making two types of risotto: Lemon and Leek & Apple and Walnut. The risotto will be complimented with roasted beetroot and carrot, garden salad and fresh bruschetta. We have an incredible kitchen staff at Brockwood who work hard each day to serve the Brockwood community delectable food.

Buon appetito!


Flowers in the Brockwood vegetable garden

Flowers in Vegetable Garden

Photo by Duncan Toms

The Art of Inquiry

Inquiry Time has been a feature of school life at Brockwood for many years. It is a time of the week when the whole school meets to explore a serious topic together, usually through dialogue, but occasionally by other means. At the last Inquiry Time, small group activities were offered and a visiting French illustrator, Delphine Chklé, beautifully captured the students that had chosen the option of exploration and inquiry through art.
Inquity Time Illustration

Light on Paper: Brockwood Alumni Art in London

Former Brockwood Park School student, Josh Alexander, will have his first solo exhibition of original work, including film and photos that he took using a camera obscura, in London. The exhibition dates are May 15-22 and will be at the Hardy Tree Gallery.


Brockwood’s Bluebell Season

Once a year, in springtime, bluebells return to the woodlands around Brockwood Park. The hyacinthoides non-scripta is known in English as the common bluebell or simply bluebell. Bluebells are particularly associated with ancient woodland where they may dominate the understorey to produce carpets of violet–blue flowers in “bluebell woods”.The flower is protected under UK law. Here we share with you some photos taken recently in the surrounding woodlands. (Photos by James Duncan MacDougall and Francesca Sayer.)

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Landscapes and Lifeskills

Recently we had a visit from Kael Del Campo, former Brockwood student (2002-2005), who brought with him a copy of his book Landscapes and Lifeskills. After leaving Brockwood with A Level exams in maths, physics and Spanish, Kael had a gap year in India most of which was spent teaching at a school in Auroville. He then attended the University of Exeter to study physics, gaining a double-first, honours degree and having spent his 3rd year studying at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.


Kael worked for a year teaching in Barcelona before attending the 4 month Landscape and Lifeskills course at the Gurukula Sanctuary in Kerala, India. This involved 7 students from around the world and was partly taught by fomer Brockwood student, and sanctuary director, Suprabha Sesham, and current Brockwood staff member Lorenzo Castilleri. Kael’s self-published book, which can be downloaded for free here, documents his experience of the course, which looked at global environmental and economic issues and involved direct observation of nature and the experience of living in the rain forest of the Western Ghats. Kael is now a maths and physics teacher at The Acorn School in Gloucestershire.



Spring Brings Little Lambs

Springtime is a special time in the South of England, especially in the lush fields surrounding Brockwood. It is such a beautiful time to take in the landscape and nature’s magnified beauty. How great it is to see all the new life that comes with the season! This time of year Brockwood is surrounded by sweet new-born lambs. They are very entertaining to watch, whether they are basking in the sunshine or chasing after one another, stumbling over their own little hooves.



Friedrich Grohe: The Photographer at Work

Emeritus Trustee Friedrich Grohe has been taking photos in and around Brockwood Park for many years. His stunning photographs are well known and have come to symbolize the place both to those who have been here and those who have never visited. He’s here at the moment and recently Bill Taylor ran into him and his trusty Leica ready to capture any moment of beauty. In this album we share just some of his many photos of Brockwood through the years.


To explore all of his photos, spanning a period of the last twenty years and more, visit his website: The photographs in this personal archive pay tribute to the natural beauty of the world we live in. The breathtaking terrain that surrounds Friedrich’s home in Switzerland as well as his extensive travels to many different parts of the world continue to fuel his passion for photography. May the beauty of the world continue to inspire him so we can continue to be inspired by his vision!

1526179_622447254510295_3410622284297150187_n 1922477_622447067843647_6967098056295958627_n 1656396_622447097843644_8036602577951416631_n 10294331_622447064510314_5098628470620844713_n 10177401_622447194510301_1264528220264105375_n 10305432_622447124510308_7550828082069293484_n 1888715_622447271176960_7742219816603215132_n 1491735_622447317843622_214255051638378021_n 10177443_622447354510285_2393214676265420372_n 10153189_622447414510279_5052911386202940349_n