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Mark Edwards visits Brockwood

Last week we had the privilege of a visit from renowned photographer Mark Edwards. A long term friend of Brockwood, Mark in his early days photographed Krishnamurti a great deal and took striking portraits of him both in England and India. Mark has donated many photos to Brockwood Park and we are all most grateful to him and wish him the best of luck in his increasingly successful global sustainability project:


Mark Edwards at the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust at Brockwood Park

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Left to right: Mark, David, Bill, and Wendy


Cherry and the Cook (Second Update)

Some of you may remember the little abandoned duckling which our staff member Sarai adopted. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that little ‘Cherry’ from Cheriton is doing great and is all grown up and although she might be experiencing some gender issues, as she may be turning out to be a he, (Andrew suggests a renaming to Chuck) Cherry (or Chuck the Duck) is doing great!



Cherry and the Cook (Update)

In early April a wild duck in the neighbouring village of Cheriton abandoned her smallest chick and left her to die. Our resident cook, Sarai, happened to be on the scene and stepped in and rescued the orphan. She named the chick ‘Cherry’ (from Cheriton).

Cherry is now a little over two months old and has grown into a very healthy looking duck, as can be seen in these photos. During these past two months Sarai showed Cherry where the good ponds were, pointed out places to forage for food, and they went on many daily walks around Brockwood.

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There is still a spectacular difference in size between the two, and Cherry still seems undeterred by this. There is a strong bond between our Cherry and the Cook, but both realize that there will come a time, sooner rather than later, when Cherry will want to fly off and start a life of her own. We can only hope that when that happens, Cherry will still continue to visit Brockwood to see the kind Cook who took her in, perhaps with newly born chicks in tow.

'Cherry' the chick and the Cook2 'Cherry' the chick and the Cook3 'Cherry' the chick and the Cook1 'Cherry' the chick and the Cook4

Landscapes and Lifeskills

Recently we had a visit from Kael Del Campo, former Brockwood student (2002-2005), who brought with him a copy of his book Landscapes and Lifeskills. After leaving Brockwood with A Level exams in maths, physics and Spanish, Kael had a gap year in India most of which was spent teaching at a school in Auroville. He then attended the University of Exeter to study physics, gaining a double-first, honours degree and having spent his 3rd year studying at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.


Kael worked for a year teaching in Barcelona before attending the 4 month Landscape and Lifeskills course at the Gurukula Sanctuary in Kerala, India. This involved 7 students from around the world and was partly taught by fomer Brockwood student, and sanctuary director, Suprabha Sesham, and current Brockwood staff member Lorenzo Castilleri. Kael’s self-published book, which can be downloaded for free here, documents his experience of the course, which looked at global environmental and economic issues and involved direct observation of nature and the experience of living in the rain forest of the Western Ghats. Kael is now a maths and physics teacher at The Acorn School in Gloucestershire.



Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “Whatever Happened To…”

As part of our preparations for the 45th Alumni Reunion, we have been in touch with many of our alumni to see if they would share their stories with us about life after Brockwood. Visit our website to see all those who wrote in, and follow the link below to read this month’s entry from Pashwa Jhala.

Pashwa Jhala and her children

Brockwood (Pre-)Reunion: Whatever Happened To…Rashid Doole

Please click on the following link for the full effect:

Rashid Doole


Rashid Doole has written to share his story…

Having recently turned 40, I am taking the liberty to share some reflections on my 5 years at Brockwood Park (BP) and how they shaped and continue to shape my life.

Rather than providing a chronological account on “Whatever happened to Rashid?” the below reflections will limit themselves to some personal learning’s and extend a long overdue “Thank You” to teachers who influenced my time at BP and beyond.

After “graduating” from BP in 1991, I was fortunate in being given the opportunity to pursue undergraduate studies at a liberal arts college in the United States followed by graduate studies at leading academic institutions such as the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK.

I truly excelled in the unique academic environment offered by a U.S. based College and I am extremely grateful to Scott Forbes and BP’s senior administration team for supporting me in taking this step at that critical juncture of my life. To this day my career development benefits from their encouragement to receive a College education in the “New World.”

I am very grateful for the patience and personal commitment shown by individuals who are not only special and dedicated teachers but, most of all, exceptional human beings, to name a few: Wendy & Steve Smith, Christina West, Paco Calvo and Harsh Tankha – Thank you for your unwavering support at the time and for laying the foundations for my academic success, which only came to full fruition after leaving BP.

For more than a decade I have been working in international business for different industries. My open approach to business partners from around the world is firmly rooted in my BP experiences. From the tender age of 14, BP honed my communication skills in interacting with all of you from diverse cultural backgrounds. I truly believe that BP has shaped my personal “barrier-free” and unprejudiced approach to people regardless of where they come from.

Two key abilities, which I developed during my time at BP and again I truly believe that I could not have developed them anywhere else, are the ability to “listen” and to “question.” On a daily basis both in my professional career, when dealing with diverse clients, while leading a team or discussing business strategy as well as in my personal married life, they form the cornerstone of how I approach life.

BP also opened the door for a continued “love” to be with and in nature. School trips to the Grand Canyon, hiking the Lake District, ski touring Switzerland, camping trips to the New Forest, “abseiling” the Cliffs of Dover and kayaking the English Channel are among the few activities, which we were privileged to experience. A special thanks to Gary Primrose for his leadership in organizing many of these trips and for making us get up early to experience the “dawn chorus.”

So, whatever happened to me? I enjoy nature and take a stab at life equipped with the confidence of a “listening” and “questioning” attitude, which only Teachers at BP could have instilled in me. Again, Thank You! (I am most grateful to my parents for having the foresight to choose and finance my time at BP).

Brockwood Through the Years

Over forty years ago, these four young guys stepping out on the South Lawn, are from left to right: Bradley Smith, Wolfgang Dumat, Clay Mantley and Noah Taylor. The photo was taken by student, Carlton Spencer, in June 1972, and predates the extension of the Dining Room in the background.


Brockwood’s Tulip Tree Came Down

On an overcast and cold day at Brockwood the tulip tree which has graced the South Lawn for around a century was taken down. Having had a fungal disease for quite some time it had recently been declared unsafe. The first photo below shows the tree at its peak covered in foliage; the large leaves used to make a distinctive murmuring sound in the breeze prompting Krishnaji, who used to watch the tree from his bedroom window, to describe a conversation he had with it. The photo looking towards the main house includes to the right the new small Tulip tree in the foreground, planted to replace the old one. (Photos by Bill Taylor and Mark Apted)

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Whatever happened to… (since 2011)

“Whatever happened to…” is a new blog series to allow Brockwood Alumni to post news about their journey since they have left and in that way keep in touch with the place and others who are curious about their new life. If you would like to write a little something for this series, please send us an email at

Maryam Benoit was a student at Brockwood from 2006 to 2011. In 2011 she had a gap year in Berlin where she pursued her passion for dance doing a contemporary dance training programme. Maryam is starting at Bennington College, USA this autumn. Below is Maryam’s description of her rich life experiences since she left Brockwood.

Ein Jahr in Berlin

I’ve always lived in a silent place, where at night, all I could see was an intense darkness and all I could hear was the loud overpowering silence. My entire life, bird songs have woken me up. Tall mountains, trees and space have surrounded me and the moon has lit up my evenings. Here, the sound of car engines wakes me up every morning, buildings, people and not much space surrounds me, and streetlights light up my evenings. But I have enjoyed the contrast, the change in lifestyle and learning to adapt to a new environment.

What happened to...
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