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About the reunion…

Here we are; the 40th anniversary of Brockwood! An amazing organisation, interesting and quite original workshops… and a big wave of emotions! Friends, families, but also unknown faces… many people (450 at the peak) to talk to, to discover, to spend four days with in a very Brockwoodian atmosphere, learning, laughing, remembering…

Here are some interviews about feedback from some people present at the reunion:

Maya, Organizer:

“It felt quite overwhelmed with all the happiness of being together with so many friends… it created a special atmosphere..

I also felt a strong team feeling; it was a good experience for the staff who were in charge of the reunion and I think it went very well. It was very touching to see that people appreciated a lot all what was happening.

Also the auction was crazy; it was quite stressful when I felt it was getting a bit chaotic but Kevin and I had lots of fun. I have a lot of respect for the professional auctioneers now.

The reunion was quite emotional, especially for people who were coming back after maybe 20 years. I saw Brockwood with fresh eyes. It was great, there was so much going on!”

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Reunion Thoughts

In this section you are welcome to post any reflections, questions and after thoughts regarding the reunion. Your response is much appreciated and will help us to have  a better understanding of your view of Brockwood Park School and its future.