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Reunion Pictures (days 1 to 3)

Here are a couple of pictures. More to come later…10628497_685346531553700_2638822327780809767_n 10619934_685347164886970_3645490906603470100_o 10418878_685347394886947_128339362924264221_n 16690_685346641553689_7625523034032884576_n

Day 3

The third day of the reunion brought sun, a little bit of rain, and more time to talk, share, and gather with each other.  Alumni had the opportunity to explore areas of interest, skill, and passion in a session of “Meeting of Minds.” The session allowed for alumni to meet and share with other alumni who are working, thinking, and practicing in the same field. In the afternoon, many of you took to the local footpaths, exploring the beauty of the surrounding area. Shortly after tea-time, alumni met near the sunken garden for a photo shoot. Groups gathered in eight, five yearly groups, to cover the span of 40 years (photos soon to come). The evening ended with a “dinner dance,” which included a special meal and live performance. The dinner menu was a dish comprised of roasted mushrooms, peppers, and courgettes baked in rosary goat’s cheese custard topping it off with a dessert of chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries. For those of you who could not attend the reunion and had emailed us messages throughout the week, time was taken to share your letters throughout the dinner. Thank you all for sending us some of your memories and kind thoughts!

A reunion, a video

For those who couldn’t have made it. For those who have been there. And for the others, here is a video made by former students.

A Brockwood tour, back in time for many

Note: More videos, photos will come as we sort them out in the coming few days.