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Reunion Pictures (days 1 to 3)

Here are a couple of pictures. More to come later…10628497_685346531553700_2638822327780809767_n 10619934_685347164886970_3645490906603470100_o 10418878_685347394886947_128339362924264221_n 16690_685346641553689_7625523034032884576_n

A hike into the wilderness surrounding Brockwood

On Friday approximately 25 Brockwoodians ventured out of the safety of
the B.P. grounds and into the wilderness of Hampshire with the
intention of gaining knowledge of the manyfold edible and medicinal
plants that grow there without any help from our own species. Their
guide, having just returned from studying with the medicine men and
women of West Cork, was eager to share his newly consolidated
knowledge, due to the great benefits that it confers to its holders –
aside from the health benefits, a far deeper communion with the
energies of nature is made possible when one enters into the state of
observation required for locating wild food and herb plants. The
following common plants were encountered and their useful uses
discussed: yew, nettles, docks, plantain, burdock, dandelion, herb
robert, hedge garlic, beech, sweet chestnut, hawthorn, marjoram, mint,
brambles and hazel. After consuming a generous quantity of
blackberries, the party returned safely to Brockwood in time for

Adam Ortaa


Yesterday was a full day of workshops, dialogues, and other informal gatherings. Guy Beaucarne presented a general introduction to solar energy and explained the different types of technology while sharing his field of expertise—photovoltaic solar energy.  Other workshops included the art of beading, a glimpse into homeopathic treatment and the potential of this therapeutic science. Seke Chimutengwende also led a workshop involving dancing and voice work, where many of you expended the energy accumulated from all the excitement of meeting everyone again.  Finally, Alan Rowlands led a workshop entailing a presentation of the life and work of Douglas Harding, who he knew for 30 years. Alan involved participants in the practical experiments devised by Douglas which address the question, “Who is it that observes?”

The Global Citizen Project

The Global Citizenship Project is an adult educational programme which will use established projects, institutions and activities in the UK and in India as resources. In the UK the programme will be centred in and around the Dartington Hall Estate in rural Devon -Schumacher College in particular.  In India we have created partnerships with a variety of places such as Barefoot College run by Bunker Roy in Rajasthan, Bija Vidyapeeth run by Vandana Shiva in Dehradun, Visva-Bharati University at Santiniketan, and several of the Education Centres founded by J Krishnamurti. From our experience as educators we have observed that there is much to be learnt from what is happening in India and the main thrust of the project is to facilitate intercultural cooperation and understanding, the exploration of sustainable living, and the understanding of the significance of human relationships and shared experience. We have a website .  It will soon be updated with more images and a blog.

Andrew Alexander

Thoughts Shared in Dialogue

The group started with facing the fact that often dialogue lacks vitality and it might help this if we can talk about the actualities of our lives. We talked about loneliness, desire, wanting (both materially and spiritually), image making and how we can share these realities and why we find it difficult to admit to these aspects of our lives. We looked at passion and staying with a difficult feeling and how hard it is to do this and not escape to TV or a book. It was a small group of eight and at first it was slow to get going but every one had engaged honestly with the conversation by the end, and there was a feeling that we had listened to each other.

Colin Foster

Day 2

The second day of the reunion opened with an 8:15 morning meeting followed by  breakfast in the marquee and morning jobs. At 10 am we all met in the marquee for the latest announcements, presentations, and K extract.  Before lunch, groups met to engage in dialogue, a K time class and various workshops offered by alumni. Lunch ended with a quick and short downpour only to leave most of the afternoon to the sun and time for some sports activities including futbol, volleyball and circle dancing. The evening was followed by a classical concert in the assembly hall.