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Reunion Pictures (days 1 to 3)

Here are a couple of pictures. More to come later…10628497_685346531553700_2638822327780809767_n 10619934_685347164886970_3645490906603470100_o 10418878_685347394886947_128339362924264221_n 16690_685346641553689_7625523034032884576_n

Day 1

Welcome to all past students, mature students, and guests who have packed their bags and made the journey back to Brockwood Park School to celebrate the 40th Anniversary Reunion. This being the first day, guests will soon be arriving at all hours. In the afternoon we will begin with a welcome tea for those who wish to settle in, have the time to see old faces and meet new ones as well. Shortly following dinner, we will be holding a school assembly.