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4-minute music video of Brockwood’s 45th Reunion

In August Brockwood Park School had its 45th anniversary alumni reunion. It was a joyous and momentous occasion and a huge number of alumni traveled from all over the world to be back here. Here is a fun 4-minute summary music video of the event.


“What car do you drive?” Bill Taylor, Development Director, Reunion Speech

A talk given at the 45th Anniversary Alumni Reunion in August, by Bill Taylor.

Brockwood Reunion: Photo Shoot





Reunion Pictures (days 1 to 3)

Here are a couple of pictures. More to come later…10628497_685346531553700_2638822327780809767_n 10619934_685347164886970_3645490906603470100_o 10418878_685347394886947_128339362924264221_n 16690_685346641553689_7625523034032884576_n

Brockwood’s 2014 Reunion Final Preparations

Brockwood Park School is celebrating its 45 anniversary with a 5 day event which will see 350 former students and staff return. Festivities begin tomorrow, excitement is mounting and final preparations are underway. We are looking forward to seeing our alumni and we send our regards to anyone who can’t make it.

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Pre-Reunion: Brockwood & Garden Work

One thing that was as true 40 years as it is today, is that being a student at Brockwood Park School means garden work and its good to see our former students Bruce and Lais haven’t forgotten what they learned. The reunion has not yet begun, but we have seen a fantastic number of early returns from the 70’s group who are all eager to spend some time together and get back to caring for the school as they feel it cared for them.
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Pre-Reunion Preparation

Staff, Mature students and Volunteers are briefly enjoying the calm yet busy summer here at Brockwood Park. We have only a few weeks to go until our students return and preparations are already well underway.

Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014: Word Map


To get the full effect, please click here:

Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “What was your background like?”

In the midst of preparations for the Reunion, among the questions, the planning and the deliberating of practical organisation, we pause to remind ourselves of what underlies this event. The Reunion is fun, it is joyous to see friends, to catch up, to hang out and relax, but we may need to be reminded of what the essence is behind the existence of the school and how that continues to unfold and have relevance in our lives.

The Krishnamurti Foundation Trust at Brockwood have released several videos of Krishnamurti on Youtube to help disseminate and make his work easily accessible to all. With regard to the upcoming event, we would like to share with you a collection of videos of Krishnamurti in conversation with Brockwood staff and students during his annual visits to the school. Perhaps you were part of these seminars? Maybe you lived at Brockwood during this time? The playlists we include here took place at Brockwood between 1978 and 1985.

Brockwood Park – Conversations with Staff and Students
Brockwood Park 1978 – Seminars
Brockwood Park 1979 – Seminars

You can watch more videos on the KFT YouTube Channel.

Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “Whatever Happened To…”

As part of our preparations for the 45th Alumni Reunion, we have been in touch with many of our alumni to see if they would share their stories with us about life after Brockwood. Visit our website to see all those who wrote in, and follow the link below to read this month’s entry from Kristy Lee.

Kristy and Nathaniel