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Launch of the “Friends of Brockwood Park Portal”

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Friends of Brockwood Park Portal which occurred yesterday. This is a password protected social networking site for the benefit of registered Friends. On the Portal, you are able to participate in online dialogues, send messages, post events via a shared calendar and buy, sell and exchange goods and services. The Portal avoids the excesses of larger social networking sites, but has many of the benefits and we hope that if you are not already a registered Friend you will now consider doing this in order to have the use of it. To register as a Friend, we invite you to go to:

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Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “The Things We Love”

Dear Alumni

With just a handful of staff and mature students present amidst the tranquil summer days at Brockwood, we are steadily working in preparation for your visit in August. The excitement is slowly building up as we allocate rooms, count out all the teaspoons, make plans for where the sheep will go when the campers arrive, and finalise the programme of events. The gardens are being meticulously pruned and weeded, t-shirts to commemorate our 45 years are being printed, DJ’s are being sought and reminders are sent out for gathering items for the auction and workshops. We have also been busy capturing the scenes we love at Brockwood and wished to share these with you in reminiscence of the spaces you once roamed and wandered through. Accompanying these images, filmed by current student Ewan Benoit, is a melodious classical piece by Debussy, often played by Alan Rowlands during Sunday Morning Meetings back when I was a student in the 90’s. Here it is performed by Jerome Blanche in a live recording.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane and see if you can notice the changes in the landscape.

Happy Summer,

Fazila Benoit
Reunion Coordinator

Reunion Website:

Bursaries Fund Thank You

‘Une école qui change la vie’ Brockwood Park School video–French Subtitles

Brockwood Alumni Berlin Event

Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you to join us in Berlin to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. You may be aware that over the last year Brockwood Alumni Gatherings have occurred in the USA and in London. We are now organising the first such gathering in Germany this 14th of May. The international community of former Brockwood Park students and staff is an extensive one and the idea of this event is to network, exchange news and consider future opportunities for collaboration and connection.
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Brockwood Alumni New York Event

Dear Friends,

We are excited to invite you to join us in New York City on April 2nd for what promises to be a memorable Brockwood alumni event.

The idea is for us to catch up with friends, network, exchange news, and brainstorm possible future contact. We recently had such an event in London where 50 former students and staff came together in wonderful ways. You may read an account of it and see pictures here: Brockwood Alumni London Event.
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Dear Friends

By now the Reunion is five days past and you have probably traveled the few, or many, miles from Brockwood to your respective homes. The excitement and intensity of the event is no doubt fading and you are perhaps already beginning to wonder what it was all about, and what it means to you now? With the help of many volunteers, we have completed the clean-up, the marquee has been removed – the yellowed grass beneath acts as the only reminder of its magnitude and the people that passed through it – and we are now in the midst of preparing the school for the new academic year.

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Dear Friends

The Reunion is almost upon us. In total we will be around 400 people; a good mix of nationalities, races and ages from around the globe, as Brockwood has always been! In addition to being great fun, our time together should prove stimulating, invigorating, perhaps even enlightening, certainly memorable. This is my final email to you before the 20th and there are a number of last minute points to be shared:

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Dear Friends

We have one month left until the Reunion. Many of the Brockwood staff responsible for making sure that everything is ready for your arrival are now away on vacation – having promised to return in good time! – while others continue to work at essential summer jobs on the buildings and grounds. Everyone will be back, with a posse of volunteers, for the final preparations. The musicians, who are in the throes of an online exchange about the music we will get to enjoy, will also be at Brockwood early to begin  rehearsals.

We are receiving new registrations everyday, so remember it is not too late to encourage alumni friends, who have yet to take the plunge, to sign up and join us for the 20th August. There will not be another chance like it for 5 years!

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Dear Friends

We are currently in the thick of it at the School. Having just returned from a successful school camp in North Devon, this evening we have a performance of the Brockwood Summer Concert to a full-house of parents and guests and tomorrow evening we have our Farewell Dinner Dance. By Wednesday the students will be gone and the house quiet, until August and your arrival. The Dinner Dance is an event that some – but not all – of you will remember. It became a regular fixture on our end of year calendar about fifteen years ago, and involves each of the leaving students and staff in making a short speech to the whole School. They are invited to talk about what their time at Brockwood has meant to them and to bid farewell to all. These speeches are often revealing, humorous, insightful and always moving.

The team responsible for organising Reunion2009 has finally agreed a programme for the event and you will find this as an attachment with this email. It is a provisional programme, so if you have ideas for changes please let us know and we will consider them before preparing the final version handed to you on arrival. You will see that we have tried to include activities that will appeal to everyone and offer a varied, engaging, educative and fun five days. Two significant additions to the programme for Reunion2009, are the inclusion of a good deal of excellent live music, courtesy of alumni, and the creation of a Visitors Afternoon, when the Reunion will be open to neighbours, friends and family.

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