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Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “Our Last Post Till Reunion 2019″

Dear Alumni

After months of preparation, taking registrations, getting rooms’ ready, assembling welcome packs and discussing menus, Brockwoods 45th Reunion happened last week and was a success. There were 370 alumni present over the five days, spanning every one of Brockwoods’ 45 years, and this included one of Brockwoods’ very first teachers from early 1969.

Thank you to all those who helped organise the Reunion and thank you to everyone who came back to see us at Brockwood. We had a wonderful five days, with good weather, a beautiful marquee, delicious food, inspiring workshops, a magnificent bonfire, photos, conversations, dances, walks, classical, marimba and rock and roll performances, tree planting, morning meetings and lots of rota! Prior to this, we had a smaller Reunion of a group of alumni from the 1970’s who joined us for four days and it was delightful to meet them and to hear them comment on their time spent at the school.

I hope that you manage to keep in touch with us, and not have to wait another five years for a Reunion. You can do this through visits to the school, as well as through sharing your projects and the work that you are involved in, and maybe offering workshops to our students. Thank you all, and do stay in touch!

Best Wishes,

Click here to see the photo gallery.

Launch of the “Friends of Brockwood Park Portal”

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Friends of Brockwood Park Portal which occurred yesterday. This is a password protected social networking site for the benefit of registered Friends. On the Portal, you are able to participate in online dialogues, send messages, post events via a shared calendar and buy, sell and exchange goods and services. The Portal avoids the excesses of larger social networking sites, but has many of the benefits and we hope that if you are not already a registered Friend you will now consider doing this in order to have the use of it. To register as a Friend, we invite you to go to:

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Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “This Time Next Week”

Dear Alumni

This time next week you will be more than 300 to join us for our 45th Anniversary Reunion.

We are finalising preparations and just a few days ago all school staff and some volunteers arrived to help get the rooms ready, have the gardens tidied, and to get some baking underway. Lists are being compiled, welcome packs are being put together, menus are being finalised, and we are printing out tickets for our Great Raffle which will happen over the first three days of the Reunion. All participants to the Reunion will be able to purchase a raffle ticket which will enable them to enter a prize draw for a flight on a lightweight aircraft to witness the breath-taking landscape around Brockwood. This ride will last up to 45 minutes and will happen on the Sunday of the Reunion. We are also getting ready to welcome our alumni for the 1970’s Gathering due to begin on the 16th August. A total of 15 alumni have registered for this pre-reunion Reunion and we look forward to meeting some of Brockwood’s first students!

Here are some photos of Brockwood today, of school staff busy with preparations… we are getting so excited about welcoming you all back to beautiful Brockwood.

See you all very soon,

Reunion Coordinator

Click HERE to view the photo gallery

Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “The Things We Love”

Dear Alumni

With just a handful of staff and mature students present amidst the tranquil summer days at Brockwood, we are steadily working in preparation for your visit in August. The excitement is slowly building up as we allocate rooms, count out all the teaspoons, make plans for where the sheep will go when the campers arrive, and finalise the programme of events. The gardens are being meticulously pruned and weeded, t-shirts to commemorate our 45 years are being printed, DJ’s are being sought and reminders are sent out for gathering items for the auction and workshops. We have also been busy capturing the scenes we love at Brockwood and wished to share these with you in reminiscence of the spaces you once roamed and wandered through. Accompanying these images, filmed by current student Ewan Benoit, is a melodious classical piece by Debussy, often played by Alan Rowlands during Sunday Morning Meetings back when I was a student in the 90’s. Here it is performed by Jerome Blanche in a live recording.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane and see if you can notice the changes in the landscape.

Happy Summer,

Fazila Benoit
Reunion Coordinator

Reunion Website:

Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “Send us your Postcard”

Dear Alumni

I wonder when was the last time you sent, or received, a postcard? Perhaps you have a couple stuck to your fridge or cupboard doors right now. The photograph of an exotic setting, the foreign post-mark and stamp, and the sunny message scribbled in a familiar hand on the back, make this small colourful gift, survivor of the long journey to your letterbox, not so easily forgotten or ignored as an email or a text.

We would like to encourage as many alumni as possible – attending or not attending the Reunion – to send us a postcard in the coming weeks before 21st August. You are spread around the world and in anticipation of the Reunion, we are hoping to gather images and messages that reflect our global community and the thoughts we wish to share with one-another. We will post these on the Reunion website before the event and during the Reunion, they will be on a giant pin-board inside the marquee.

Remember, whether you are attending or not, what is the message you would like to share with everyone (or with just a few) in advance of the Reunion? Send your cards to: Reunion Reflections, Brockwood Park School, Bramdean, Hants, SO24 0LQ, UK. Keep your eye out for the cards on the Reunion website.

Best Wishes

Fazila Benoit
Reunion Coordinator

Reunion post: Send us your Postcard
Reunion website: Alumni Reunion 2014

Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “Will you be joining us?”

Will you be joining us?
Dear Alumni

In just 6 weeks’ time we will be welcoming many of you back at Brockwood.
We are receiving new registrations every day, and it is not too late to encourage alumni friends to sign up and join us for the 21st August.

Here is the list of participants so far. As you can see there are alumni attending from each of Brockwood’s 45 years.

Your name will be added to the list at once you have registered.

For all registrations visit our reunion website page

See you all very soon,

Best Wishes,

Fazila Benoit
Reunion Coordinator

First Friends Retreat

From 30 May until 1 June, we held the first ever retreat for registered Friends of Brockwood Park at the Krishnamurti Centre (for more info on how to register, see It turned out to be a very inspiring weekend full of meaningful connections.
First Friends Retreat 1
Participants received an in-depth introduction to all four Brockwood departments from the Heads of those departments, with the goal of showing all the work we do. We also watched two extraordinary DVD’s from Saanen 1978 (3rd and 4th talk; see and there was an opportunity to participate in dialogues to go deeper into the issues raised.
First Friends Retreat 2
On Saturday afternoon Trustee Mary Cadogan held her audience spellbound while reading from her upcoming memoir on working with Krishnamurti. She painted a vivid portrait of what it was like to work with and be so close to Krishnamurti. In the evening students and staff put on a wonderful concert featuring classical music and songs from the choir.
First Friends Retreat 3

The feedback from participants was wonderful. They loved the opportunity to get to know Brockwood from an insiders point of view and savoured the chance to meet with likeminded others. Based on their feedback and encouragement we have started thinking about the nextFriends of Brockwood Park retreat. To be continued…

Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “Participants from 2000 – 2010″

Brockwood 2006

Dear Alumni

Looking at the participants list, we see that the highest number of alumni registered to attend the Reunion are from the decade 2000-2010. Here are some posters(*) that we dug out of the school archives room, that were made during those years. Can you spot yourself?

Keep encouraging your friends from that time to join you!

Best wishes,

Reunion Coordinator

(*) To view the posters, visit the post on the Alumni Reunion 2014 website by clicking on the image or here.

Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “What was your background like?”

In the midst of preparations for the Reunion, among the questions, the planning and the deliberating of practical organisation, we pause to remind ourselves of what underlies this event. The Reunion is fun, it is joyous to see friends, to catch up, to hang out and relax, but we may need to be reminded of what the essence is behind the existence of the school and how that continues to unfold and have relevance in our lives.

The Krishnamurti Foundation Trust at Brockwood have released several videos of Krishnamurti on Youtube to help disseminate and make his work easily accessible to all. With regard to the upcoming event, we would like to share with you a collection of videos of Krishnamurti in conversation with Brockwood staff and students during his annual visits to the school. Perhaps you were part of these seminars? Maybe you lived at Brockwood during this time? The playlists we include here took place at Brockwood between 1978 and 1985.

Brockwood Park – Conversations with Staff and Students
Brockwood Park 1978 – Seminars
Brockwood Park 1979 – Seminars

You can watch more videos on the KFT YouTube Channel.

Brockwood Park’s 2014 Annual Appeal

We’ve just launched our Annual Appeal. Please consider supporting the work we do here by making an online donation at:

Through the benevolence of a few generous donors, we have established a £27,000 matching fund, which will double any £1 donated by the 5th of September to any department within Brockwood. This means that when you give £50, we will receive £100! So far, we’ve raised almost £6,000 and we have another £21,000 to go. Watch the video here:

In this video, Trustee and former member of staff Gary Primrose highlights what the money will be used for, shares the story of how he came to be at Brockwood Park and explains why Brockwood continues to be, as Krishnamurti wished, ‘a place where integrity can flower.’