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Brockwood Alumni Reunion 21-25 August 2014 & “Whatever Happened To…”

As part of our preparations for the 45th Alumni Reunion, we have been in touch with many of our alumni to see if they would share their stories with us about life after Brockwood. Visit our website to see all those who wrote in, and follow the link below to read this month’s entry from Pashwa Jhala.

Pashwa Jhala and her children

Rainbow over the Krishnamurti Retreat Centre

Upcoming programs, in April: Is it possible never to be hurt?, in May: Can we live without a motive?, and in June: The roots of psychological conflict. For more information:

K Center Rainbow

(Photo by Duncan Toms)

People and Moments in Brockwood’s History

Meeting in the Assembly Hall

Dear Alumni,

Looking through some old archived photos, I wanted to share these with you. Have a look at some moments from Brockwoods history, perhaps at the beautiful faces of friends whom you knew. Can you remember the names of everyone in the photo…what year was it… do you recall any anecdotes from that time… Feeling nostalgic?

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Programme of Events for the 2014 Reunion

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Programme of Events for the 2014 Reunion


Brockwood Park School in the News

One small school in Hampshire, England, celebrated by prominent author and Wellington College headmaster, Anthony Seldon, has taken its own approach to mindfulness for 45 years. TO READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE, PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK:

The School Sitting Quietly

International gathering to explore the work of J. Krishnamurti

This summer, in the magical Swiss mountain village of Muerren, there will be a gathering to explore Krishnamurti’s work during two weeks of enquiry, from Saturday July 26 until Sunday August 9. The theme for both weeks is “you are not a separate individual, you are in essence humanty.” It is possible to come for either one or both weeks.

K Gathering Muerren

Activities include dialogues, video’s, musical evenings, various workshops and of course twice-weekly hikes in the gorgeous Swiss mountains, weather permitting. There is also a parents and children week from 19-26 July in Gstaad and a young person’s week from 10-17 August in Bourg-St-Pierre.

For more information including registration information please go to:

History Bound up in a Batik

Pablo Severin (on the left) arrived in Brockwood from Belgium in 1973 as a rebellious teenager, with no understanding of English and no wish to be here. Thinking about it now, he believes his whole life changed for the better that day and it was the teachers and students he met who helped make it happen. On one occasion, the gifted artist and teacher, Jane Hoare, suggested to the students that they try their hand at batik. Along with a few friends, Pablo undertook the ambitious project of copying an Indian batik banner that was in the School. After many mistakes and hours of painstaking work, they recreated an excellent copy of the banner which announces forthcoming dance dramas at Rishi Valley.

Pablo Severin
Pablo left Brockwood in 1976, taking the batik with him, and this year his son, Virgil, arrived in the School as a new student with the batik in his suitcase. Virgil is pictured here holding it along with Pablo who is attending the Parents Weekend. And what does Pablo remember of making the batik? “The toes were particularly difficult to get right.”
Pablo Severin 2


Friends of Brockwood Park Retreat spaces available

The First Friends Retreat is due to occur at the Krishnamurti Centre, beginning on the evening of Friday 30th May and ending on the afternoon of Sunday 1st June (a change from the dates mentioned in the November letter). We hope that you will be able to join us for a weekend that will include dialogues, previously unseen talks from Saanen (the first ever filmed there), a tour of the School and a talk by Trustee, Mary Cadogan, about her forthcoming book, ‘Working with Krishnamurti: the Immaculate Enigma’. There will also be time enough to take a spring walk in the Grove and surrounding countryside, and to meet and talk about the operation of Friends and the work occurring at Brockwood.

To find out more, please click here:

Friends Retreat

Brockwood (Pre-)Reunion: Whatever Happened To…Rashid Doole

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Rashid Doole


Rashid Doole has written to share his story…

Having recently turned 40, I am taking the liberty to share some reflections on my 5 years at Brockwood Park (BP) and how they shaped and continue to shape my life.

Rather than providing a chronological account on “Whatever happened to Rashid?” the below reflections will limit themselves to some personal learning’s and extend a long overdue “Thank You” to teachers who influenced my time at BP and beyond.

After “graduating” from BP in 1991, I was fortunate in being given the opportunity to pursue undergraduate studies at a liberal arts college in the United States followed by graduate studies at leading academic institutions such as the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK.

I truly excelled in the unique academic environment offered by a U.S. based College and I am extremely grateful to Scott Forbes and BP’s senior administration team for supporting me in taking this step at that critical juncture of my life. To this day my career development benefits from their encouragement to receive a College education in the “New World.”

I am very grateful for the patience and personal commitment shown by individuals who are not only special and dedicated teachers but, most of all, exceptional human beings, to name a few: Wendy & Steve Smith, Christina West, Paco Calvo and Harsh Tankha – Thank you for your unwavering support at the time and for laying the foundations for my academic success, which only came to full fruition after leaving BP.

For more than a decade I have been working in international business for different industries. My open approach to business partners from around the world is firmly rooted in my BP experiences. From the tender age of 14, BP honed my communication skills in interacting with all of you from diverse cultural backgrounds. I truly believe that BP has shaped my personal “barrier-free” and unprejudiced approach to people regardless of where they come from.

Two key abilities, which I developed during my time at BP and again I truly believe that I could not have developed them anywhere else, are the ability to “listen” and to “question.” On a daily basis both in my professional career, when dealing with diverse clients, while leading a team or discussing business strategy as well as in my personal married life, they form the cornerstone of how I approach life.

BP also opened the door for a continued “love” to be with and in nature. School trips to the Grand Canyon, hiking the Lake District, ski touring Switzerland, camping trips to the New Forest, “abseiling” the Cliffs of Dover and kayaking the English Channel are among the few activities, which we were privileged to experience. A special thanks to Gary Primrose for his leadership in organizing many of these trips and for making us get up early to experience the “dawn chorus.”

So, whatever happened to me? I enjoy nature and take a stab at life equipped with the confidence of a “listening” and “questioning” attitude, which only Teachers at BP could have instilled in me. Again, Thank You! (I am most grateful to my parents for having the foresight to choose and finance my time at BP).

News from Student Admissions

Wonderful news to share, by April we will have received the highest number of prospective students that Brockwood Park has seen for a Spring Term. In light of this if you know of anyone interested in applying for entry in September 2014, please ask them to make contact to our Admissions Department sooner rather than later, as we would not want anyone to miss out on a place:

Students Eating on South Lawn