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Krishnamurti Video screening at London University

The Krishnamurti Video screening at London University last night was fantastically well attended. With well over 100 people, of all ages and interests, squeezing in for what turned out to be an engaging and insightful evening. We watched the 3rd discussion between Krishnamurti and Dr Allan W. Anderson, titled ‘What Is Communication With Others’ and afterwards we had a dialogue and quick question and answer session about the KFT. It was great to see such numbers and such interest. For our next screening on February 18th, we will have to book a larger room, as from this photo you will see our attendees were pouring out into the corridors.


Trip to “Centre For Learning” in India

Brockwood Park School trip is going great, our art teacher Maggie informs us. All are enjoying themselves and they are currently making their way southwest to the Centre For Learning school. We look forward to hearing of their eastern adventures upon their return.
Here are some photos taken whilst traveling and in Rishi Valley, Andhra Pradesh.

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“Wherever one goes in the world, India, Europe and America, one sees great sorrow, violence, wars, terrorism, killing, drugs – every kind of stupidity. One accepts these as though inevitable and easily puts up with them, or one revolts against them; but revolt is a reaction, as Communism is a reaction to Capitalism or Fascism.

So, without revolting, without going against everything and forming one’s own little group, or without following a guru from India or from elsewhere, without accepting any kind of authority – because in spiritual matters there is no authority – can we investigate these problems that human beings have had, centuries upon centuries, generation after generation, these conflicts, uncertainties, travails, all the things that human beings go through during life only to end in death, without understanding what it is all about?

Psychologically, inwardly, every human being, whoever he is, is the world. The world is represented in oneself and oneself is the world. That is a psychological, absolute fact; though one may have a white skin and another a brown or black skin, be affluent or very poor, yet inwardly, deep down, we are all the same; we suffer loneliness, sorrow, conflict, misery, confusion; we depend on someone to tell us what to do, how to think, what to think; we are slaves to propaganda from the various political parties and religions, and so on. That is what is happening all over the world inwardly; deep down, we are slaves to the propaganda of the experts, of the governments and so on, we are conditioned human beings, whether we live in India, Europe or America.

So, one is actually, psychologically, the world and the world is oneself. Once one realizes this fact, not verbally, not ideologically or as an escape from fact, but actually, deeply feel the fact, realize the fact, that one is not different from the other – however far away he is – inwardly he suffers greatly and is terribly frightened, uncertain, insecure, then one is not concerned with one’s little self, one is concerned with the total human being. One is concerned with the total human being – not with Mr X or Y or somebody else – but with the total psychological entity as a human being, wherever he lives. He is conditioned in a particular way; he may be a Catholic, a Protestant, or he may be conditioned by thousands of years of certain kinds of beliefs, superstitions, ideas and gods, as in India, but below that conditioning, in the depth of his mind, when alone, he is facing the same life of sorrow, pain, grief and anxiety. When one sees this as an actual, irrevocable fact, then one begins to think entirely differently and one begins to observe, not as an individual person having troubles and anxieties, but whole, entire. It gives one an extraordinary strength and vitality; one is not alone, one is the entire history of mankind – if one knows how to read that history which is enshrined in one. This is not rhetoric but a serious factor one is deeply concerned with, a fact which one denies, because one thinks one is so individualistic. One is so concerned with oneself, with one’s petty problems, with one’s little guru, with one’s little beliefs; but when one realizes this extraordinary fact, then it gives one tremendous strength and a great urgency to investigate and transform oneself, because one is mankind. When there is such transformation, one affects the whole consciousness of man because one is the entire humanity; when one changes fundamentally, deeply, when there is this psychological revolution in one, then naturally, as one is part of the total consciousness of the human being, which is the rest of humanity, its consciousness is affected. So, one is concerned to penetrate the layers of one’s consciousness and to investigate whether it is possible to transform the content of that consciousness so that out of that transformation a different dimension of energy and clarity may come into being.”

from The Wholeness of Life
J. Krishnamurti The Wholeness of Life Part II Chapter 7 1st Public Talk Ojai California 2nd April 1977 `Intelligence, in which there is complete security.’


Cartoon by David Pope

To Really Start a New Year

“Is there anything that is really afresh, something that you have never seen before? I think this is rather an important question, if you will follow it – to turn all the days of our life into something which you have never seen before. That means a brain that has freed itself from its conditioning, from its characteristics, from its idiosyncrasies and the opinions and the judgements and the convictions. Can we put all that aside and really start a new year?”~ J. Krishnamurti, First Public Question & Answer Meeting at Madras, January 1985

Sketch by Kalpana Balaji, of Vasanta Vihar, the headquarters of the Krishnamurti Foundation India in Chennai (Madras), where the public talks by Krishnamurti took place.