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Jonas Salk meets Krishnamurti

It is 100 hundred years today since the birth of Jonas Salk. In 1948 Jonas assembled a skilled research team and together they discovered and developed the first successful inactivated polio vaccine. It is something we rarely hear of today but until Jonas’ and co’s vaccine, polio was a serious health issue all over the world, resulting in the disabling and deaths of thousands every year, the most famous case being that of American president F.D.Roosevelt.

Upon the discovery of the vaccine Jonas Salk was asked who owned the patent to it and his reply was “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”. Had the vaccine been patented it is estimated to have been worth 7 billion dollars. Instead it was shared for free. Due to Mr Salk’s work there are now just a couple of hundred polio cases per year and that figure is falling fast. The disease shall soon be eradicated entirely.

Jonas was also interested in philosophy and he combined this with his knowledge of science to create what he called “biophilosophy” which he described as the application of a “biological, evolutionary point of view to philosophical, cultural, social and psychological problems”. During his philosophical inquiry he met and spoke at length with J.Krishnamurti and we hope you will enjoy this recording of their discussion.

Here is the link to the video:

Communion With Nature

“Have you ever woken up in the morning and looked out of the window, or gone out on the terrace and looked at the trees and the spring dawn? Live with it. Listen to all the sounds, to the whisper, the slight breeze among the leaves. See the light on that leaf and watch the sun coming over the hill, over the meadow. And the dry river, or that animal grazing and those sheep across the hill–watch them. Look at them with a sense of affection, care, that you do not want to hurt a thing. When you have such communion with nature, then your relationship with another becomes simple, clear, without conflict.”

J. Krishnamurti, Letters to the Schools, 1st November 1983

Photograph: Pavilions student and staff boarding accommodation at Brockwood–taken this morning.

Pavilions 27:10:14

School Workshop Week

School Workshop Week is full swing here at Brockwood Park and the kids are learning a vast array of new skills.


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Brockwood Park School Open Day, Nov. 15th.

Open Day 11:15:14

“To Exploit Is to Be Exploited”

“As most of us seek power in one form or another, the hierarchical principle is established, the novice and the initiate, the pupil and the Master, and even among the Masters there are degrees of spiritual growth. Most of us love to exploit and be exploited, and this system offers the means, whether hidden or open. To exploit is to be exploited. The desire to use others for your psychological necessities makes for dependence, and when you depend you must hold, possess; and what you possess possesses you. Without dependence, subtle or gross, without possessing things, people, and ideas, you are empty, a thing of no importance. You want to be something, and to avoid the gnawing fear of being nothing you belong to this or that organization, to this or that ideology, to this church or that temple; so you are exploited, and you in your turn exploit.”

J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

“What car do you drive?” Bill Taylor, Development Director, Reunion Speech

A talk given at the 45th Anniversary Alumni Reunion in August, by Bill Taylor.

Exhibition: ‘A world in Crisis’

An exhibition on a different approach to ‘A world in Crisis’ will be shown for the first time in New Zealand from Friday 21st November – Sunday 23rd November 2014. The exhibition contains photo-journalistic material with commentary by J. Krishnamurti. For more details visit:


Thinking and Making: Former Student, Aeyu Malhotra, Recently Visited

It’s always nice for us to know where our former students are now and when a former Brockwood Park student returned to us to volunteer in the Krishnamurti Centre he had an encouraging story to tell.
Having been “inspired by the use of space and open architecture at Brockwood” Aeyu Malhotra became interested in architecture and design. “Brockwood students gain spacial awareness” Aayu commented. “In Brockwood you are involved in so many things… and I became involved in the steering group for the Pavilions [construction project]”. Aayu’s interest in design and structure grew and was fostered and after Aayu completed his education at Brockwood Park, he went on to study architecture at Manchester University.
When Aeyu graduated he attained a job with the renowned architect Takaharu Tezuka in Japan.”There is joy in Takaharu’s Buildings, like there is in Brockwoods. Takaharu was the person I most wanted to work with… and I was incredibly lucky”.
Aayu was also fascinated by the teachings of Krishnamurti and found them very useful in his design work. “Krishnamurti taught me to question everything and how important it is to ask the right question” he said, adding “Architecture is not finding the right answer it’s about first asking the right question”.
Aayu has returned to England to complete his Masters degree and kindly paid us a visit, bringing part of his portfolio for us to look at and photograph. We wish him further success in his career and we hope to see him return often.
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Job Opportunities

We have 2 staff vacancies opening up at Brockwood Park. We are in need of an
– Experienced Vegetarian Chef
– Experienced Maintenance/Facilities Person with Management Skills.
A sincere interest in Krishnamurti’s work and a commitment to creating a serious environment in co-operation with others are essential. All residential staff receive the same salary, regardless of role. Both jobs would commence on November 1st and we are currently taking applications. For more information please follow this link:

Brockwood at the Biocultura Professional Fair

Brockwood Park School has again participated in the Biocultura Professional Fair. The primary objective of this international expo is to bring some positive and contemporary changes in working towards a better environment. The fair was located for the second time in Bilbao and one of our school’s two Basque (Euskara) speakers, Izaro, proved to be an invaluable asset. Here, under K’s watchful eye, she convinces a visitor that his future children need to be attending Brockwood Park School.