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The Oak in Autumn

Whisper, the Labrador, can be seen in the background and former staff member and head gardener, John Porter, is holding the young oak tree for Krishnamurti as he plants it on the North Lawn, at Brockwood, on a misty autumn day. The year is uncertain, but it was probably in the 1970s. Alongside this is a photo of the same oak tree taken this morning. Krishnamurti had a great love of trees and planted several at Brockwood. As he wrote in 1983 in a document entitled ‘Brockwood Today and In the Future': “Brockwood is a beautiful place with magnificent old trees surrounded by fields, meadows, groves and the quietness of the countryside. It must always be kept that way, for beauty is integrity, goodness and truth.”

BioCultura – 3rd-5th October, BEC, Bilbao

For anyone in the vicinity of Bilbao in early October, please come and meet our representatives and see our stand at the Biocultura Fair. Staff members Adrian and Izaro will be very happy to meet with you and discuss life at Brockwood and answer any questions you may have about the School. Look for stand number 165 but if you would like free entry to attend the Fair, we have a limited number of free entry tickets available, please contact us in advance via with your full name, address and the number of tickets required.

“Do Not Name a Feeling”

“What happens when you do not name? You look at an emotion, at a sensation, more directly and therefore have quite a different relationship to it, just as you have to a flower when you do not name it. You are forced to look at it anew. When you do not name a group of people, you are compelled to look at each individual face and not treat them all as a mass. Therefore you are much more alert, much more observing, more understanding; you have a deeper sense of pity, love; but if you treat them all as the mass, it is over.

If you do not label, you have to regard every feeling as it arises. When you label, is the feeling different from the label? Or does the label awaken the feeling?

If I do not name a feeling, that is to say if thought is not functioning merely because of words or if I do not think in terms of words, images, or symbols, which most of us do, then what happens? Surely the mind then is not merely the observerWhen the mind is not thinking in terms of words, symbols, images, there is no thinker separate from the thought, which is the word. Then the mind is quiet, is it not?––not made quiet, it is quiet. When the mind is really quiet, then the feelings which arise can be dealt with immediately. It is only when we give names to feelings and thereby strengthen them that the feelings have continuity; they are stored up in the center, from which we give further labels, either to strengthen or to communicate them.”

J. Krishnamurti. The Book of Life.

“So long as there is nationalism…”

K Quote Nationalism

International Food Festival 2014

Last night Brockwood Park School’s internationalism was particularly pronounced as we held an international food festival. The students and staff formed 15 location specific groups delivering regional food from each. By dinner time food from five continents all prepared with love and care adorned a long banquet table ready for an unforgettable feast, and what a feast it was. (Photos: Brockwood Park Development Team, Suseela and Mark)

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Fancy Dress Team Treasure Hunt 11/09/14

As anyone who has been here will know Brockwood Park is full of hidden treasures, but yesterday it was our mission to team up and hunt for some very specific and cleverly hidden ones. Teams comprised of Inwoods Small School’s students and staff, Brockwood Park School’s students, staff and mature students, all erupted onto the grounds as the ‘Brockwood Park Fancy Dress Treasure Hunt 2014’ commenced.

The South Lawn was awash with 10 teams hurriedly searching for three clues which would indicate where each team’s hidden prize was located. All clues finally led the teams to the Rose Garden where they discovered their prize, but that was not the end, rather it was another beginning. Each team was to then create a performance story or activity with the prize and plans were made and rehearsals held all over the Rose Garden. When everyone was ready the 10 teams made their way to ‘Inwoods Small School’ to perform their improvised piece. It was the first time Inwoods Small School had everyone come to visit and after 10 hilarious plays, choreographies and sports activities, all felt at home and welcome. Whether five years old or fifty years old all had a fantastically adventurous and creative morning and we look forward to the next event. (Photographs: Development Team and Mark Apted)

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Dr Mary Cadogan speaks at the Alumni Reunion 2014

Mary began working for Krishnamurti as his secretary in England in 1958. She was the first Trustee to be appointed to the KFT and is still a Trustee. She was involved in the establishment of Brockwood and has been actively engaged in its operation ever since. A member of the KFT Publications Committee, Mary is herself a published author of 28 books. She was awarded a doctorate by Lancaster University for her services to children’s literature and the publication of Krishnamurti’s teachings.


School’s Out (to Beacon Hill and back)!

Yesterday was a warm autumn day in Hampshire during which the entire school hiked to Beacon Hill for a picnic lunch. Sandwiches were eaten in a meadow overlooking the rolling South Downs with marvellous views of Brockwood in the distance. The six hour round hike was part of a week of orientation and preparation for the new academic year.

Photographs by Pierre Smith Khanna

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To ensure we all get wholesome, nutritious food here at Brockwood Park we try to grow our own. Right now it’s apple season and yesterday we assembled into varying groups to tackle our bountiful organic orchard. We had the picking team, the sorting and storing team, the chopping and pressing team and the cooking team (and of course the ever unplanned yet always present apple testing team, of which everyone seemed to be a part). All had fun in the sun and worked together to create fresh apple juice and apple sauce and jam, much of which we will store for the winter. Our chefs then rewarded us with some tasty baked . . . you guessed it, apples.
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School is back and spirits are high!

Over the past few days students from all over the world journeyed to Brockwood Park School. This year we have students of 22 nationalities and we are looking forward to sharing company and cultures. 


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