History Bound up in a Batik

Pablo Severin (on the left) arrived in Brockwood from Belgium in 1973 as a rebellious teenager, with no understanding of English and no wish to be here. Thinking about it now, he believes his whole life changedĀ for the better that day and it was the teachers and students he met who helped make it happen. On one occasion, the gifted artist and teacher, Jane Hoare, suggested to the students that they try their hand at batik. Along with a few friends, Pablo undertook the ambitious project of copying an Indian batik banner that was in the School. After many mistakes and hours of painstaking work, they recreated an excellent copy of the banner which announces forthcoming dance dramas at Rishi Valley.

Pablo Severin
Pablo left Brockwood in 1976, taking the batik with him, and this year his son, Virgil, arrived in the School as a new student with the batik in his suitcase. Virgil is pictured here holding it along with Pablo who is attending the Parents Weekend. And what does Pablo remember of making the batik? “The toes were particularly difficult to get right.”
Pablo Severin 2


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