Brockwood Students and Staff visit Bedales for Lecture by Rupert Sheldrake

Last night, more than 25 students/staff travelled to Bedales School to hear guest-speaker Rupert Sheldrake deliver a talk entitled “The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry”. Sheldrake is a controversial, world-renowned biologist and author, who is best known for his theory of ‘morphic fields’ and ‘morphic resonance’, which lead to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory.

In his talk Sheldrake identified 10 dogmatic perceptions he believes science has presented to the world, and then he went into challenging three of them in some detail. He talked about different types of experiments we may have been conditioned to overlook by the methodological foundations science presents and has limited itself to.


Sheldrake has had some previous contact with Brockwood Park School and Krishnamurti. In 1982 he visited Ojai, California and did a series of talks with Krishnamurti on psychological disorder and suffering.

The first picture shown here was taken in 1981 in the sitting room at Brockwood Park, when Sheldrake was visiting the School before going to Ojai to meet with Krishnamurti.

1981 Photograph (above) by Rita Zampese—Sheldrake is seen in the centre of the picture with arm resting on the wall.


Rupert Sheldrake

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