Brockwood (Pre-)Reunion: Whatever Happened To…Rashid Doole

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Rashid Doole


Rashid Doole has written to share his story…

Having recently turned 40, I am taking the liberty to share some reflections on my 5 years at Brockwood Park (BP) and how they shaped and continue to shape my life.

Rather than providing a chronological account on “Whatever happened to Rashid?” the below reflections will limit themselves to some personal learning’s and extend a long overdue “Thank You” to teachers who influenced my time at BP and beyond.

After “graduating” from BP in 1991, I was fortunate in being given the opportunity to pursue undergraduate studies at a liberal arts college in the United States followed by graduate studies at leading academic institutions such as the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK.

I truly excelled in the unique academic environment offered by a U.S. based College and I am extremely grateful to Scott Forbes and BP’s senior administration team for supporting me in taking this step at that critical juncture of my life. To this day my career development benefits from their encouragement to receive a College education in the “New World.”

I am very grateful for the patience and personal commitment shown by individuals who are not only special and dedicated teachers but, most of all, exceptional human beings, to name a few: Wendy & Steve Smith, Christina West, Paco Calvo and Harsh Tankha – Thank you for your unwavering support at the time and for laying the foundations for my academic success, which only came to full fruition after leaving BP.

For more than a decade I have been working in international business for different industries. My open approach to business partners from around the world is firmly rooted in my BP experiences. From the tender age of 14, BP honed my communication skills in interacting with all of you from diverse cultural backgrounds. I truly believe that BP has shaped my personal “barrier-free” and unprejudiced approach to people regardless of where they come from.

Two key abilities, which I developed during my time at BP and again I truly believe that I could not have developed them anywhere else, are the ability to “listen” and to “question.” On a daily basis both in my professional career, when dealing with diverse clients, while leading a team or discussing business strategy as well as in my personal married life, they form the cornerstone of how I approach life.

BP also opened the door for a continued “love” to be with and in nature. School trips to the Grand Canyon, hiking the Lake District, ski touring Switzerland, camping trips to the New Forest, “abseiling” the Cliffs of Dover and kayaking the English Channel are among the few activities, which we were privileged to experience. A special thanks to Gary Primrose for his leadership in organizing many of these trips and for making us get up early to experience the “dawn chorus.”

So, whatever happened to me? I enjoy nature and take a stab at life equipped with the confidence of a “listening” and “questioning” attitude, which only Teachers at BP could have instilled in me. Again, Thank You! (I am most grateful to my parents for having the foresight to choose and finance my time at BP).

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