Brockwood Reunion: “How is one to know oneself?”

“How is one to know oneself?”

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From time to time we will be sharing some quotes from Krishnamurti on the Reunion Website. Send us a quote from Krishnamurti that resonates with you or that stands out from your time at Brockwood, and we will post it on the website. Best Wishes and see you at the Reunion, Fazila (Reunion Coordinator)
J Krishnamurti – 2nd Public Dialogue Brockwood Park 1st September 1977
“Is there an idea of awareness or is one aware? There is a difference. The idea of being aware, or being aware. “Aware” means to be sensitive, to be alive, to the things about one, to nature, to people, to colour, to the trees, to the environment, to the social structure, the whole thing, to be aware outwardly of all that is happening and to be aware to what is happening inside. To be aware is to be sensitive, to know, to observe, what is happening inside psychologically and also what is happening outside, environmentally, economically, socially and so on. If one is not aware of what is happening outwardly and one begins to be aware inwardly then one becomes rather neurotic. But if one begins to be aware of what is exactly happening in the world, as much as possible, and then from there moves inwardly, then one has a balance. Then there is a possibility of not deceiving oneself. One begins by being aware of what is happening outwardly and then one moves inward—like the ebb and flow of the tide, there is constant movement—so that there is no deception. If one knows what is happening outside and from there moves inward one then has criteria.
How is one to know oneself? Oneself is a very complex structure, a very complex movement; how is one to know oneself so that one does not deceive oneself? One can only know oneself in one’s relationship to others. In one’s relationship to others one may withdraw from them because one does not want to be hurt and in relationship one may discover that one is very jealous, dependent, attached and really quite callous. So relationship acts as a mirror in which one knows oneself. It is the same thing outwardly; the outer is a reflection of oneself, because society, governments, all these things, are created by human beings fundamentally the same as oneself…”

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