“Equilibrium”, poem by Mitia Klein

Mitia Klein is a fifteen-year-old student in his first year at Brockwood. He is from Pondicherry in India. Before coming to Brockwood Mitia attended The School KFI (Krishnamurti Foundation India) in Chennai. We hope you enjoy this second poem of his we share here.




The man sits at the heart of the icy room, staring at the bare wall in front of him.

He is devoid of all emotions, thoughts, feelings, and stares through the barriers of time.

His soul resembles the greatest of chasms, dark as a moonless night,

Empty as the greatest lies of reality.


The square room is entirely grey, not even adorned by the tiniest of scratches.

For the first time, he closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and then…

Opens them again. In front of him stands a grey door.

The empty being rises to his feet, walks to the door, and opens it.


A flashing multitude of colours blind him, and intensity becomes master.

Emotions seize control, and life streams into the empty one.

Fulfilled, he is now an element of consciousness.

The skies are ablaze, celebrating the return of life,

The valleys and forests, lush as they have never been.


The soul of the fulfilled one now burns ardently with a mighty light,

The light of purity, existence, and eternal knowledge.


Realisation strikes.


He had been holding in the deep breath, taken when he shut his eyes.

Slowly, all of the air silently leaks out, until none is left.

His eyes close again, and as they open, he perceives a colourless door in front of him.

The man opens it, and enters into the room of eternal Equilibrium.



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