Perceptive poem by student Mitia Klein

Mitia Klein is a fifteen-year-old student in his first year at Brockwood. He was born in France and is currently from Pondicherry in India. Before coming to Brockwood Mitia attended The School KFI (Krishnamurti Foundation India) in Chennai. We hope you enjoy this perceptive poem of his. 


A solitary stag, walking through the rays of the serene moon,

Its coat gleaming in the shiny light, looked proudly ahead.

The soft snow under his hooves cracks silently,

Whilst his deep brown eyes focus on the path ahead.

These eyes seem to be aware of every single movement,

His ears of every single noise,

Be it the crack of a twig or the heartbeat of an owl.

Maybe the snarl of a wolf.

Half a second of absolute silence,

Shattered in a thousand pieces.

Rapid running, breaking branches and furious snarls.

Half a second of absolute chaos,

Created by both fear and lust.

And then,

An eternity of serenity and soft white snow lit by shiny moonlight rays.

– Mitia Klein


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