Brockwood From Above

We were gliding along smoothly and the world around us seemed unstirring, tranquil. Far below, the landscape appeared pristine and composed. We were surrounded by the vastness of the sky, boundlessly blue, a fringe of cloud on the horizon. With my headphones on snugly, all I could hear was a soft drone, a whirring of propellers. Then we saw it, in the distance, slowly coming into sight, a honey coloured mansion, a brick-work water tower, dense woods, an acre of immaculate garden, an expanse of lawn. We were looking at Brockwood from the air. Because of the generosity of our neighbour, local landowner, Matthew Morton, we were on an exhilarating flight over the hills of Hampshire. I was accompanied by Ewan Benoit, current Brockwood student, who filmed the flight and captured these images, and of course Matthew, who was an excellent pilot ensuring we had good views of the School. We wanted to share our experience of what we saw with you, the aerial views of Brockwood, of the surrounding landscape, and to remind you of the outstanding beauty to which you will return!

6th October 2013

Fazila Benoit
Reunion Coordinator

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Ewan and Matthew


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