Quiet at first, but then… (Brockwood in Bilbao)

School Co-Principal, Adrian Sydenham, and new staff member, Izaro Aramburu Arregui, recently presented Brockwood at the Biocultura fair in Bilbao. The following is an extract from an account Adrian wrote of the event which took place last weekend:


“Probably we saw up to 50 visitors directly on this first day; quite a number of these had very small children and were simply curious when they had seen the word ‘school'; there were only two or three who seemed to have teenagers themselves, and only one more obvious actual teenager. The largest number of visitors belonged to an older group, with grown-up children, who had recognised the picture of Krishnamurti, were familiar with his general approach, and appeared pleased to have ‘reconnected’ with him. Most visitors went away with a copy of our Spanish/Basque leaflet (two of the visitors spoke Basque (with Izaro)as soon as they realised this was possible, some were given our new card with an aerial photo of the school on the front and which contains simple contact information or a copy of the ‘Beauty of the Mountain’.

“On the second day (Saturday) the number of stand visitors doubled to a solid hundred or more, many stopping for longer to ask questions and went away with school and/or Centre publicity. There were more children, including a handful of teenagers who generally seemed far less interested than their parents. Nevertheless, most children accepted a school DVD, and more parents took away a school prospectus, so perhaps something will come of that ! Still no English-language K-books sold. But more Basque-speakers, whose distinctive ‘Kaixo’ greeting provides a cheerful alternative to the ubiquitous ‘Hola’.”

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