Brockwood’s New Timetable–“The Creation of ‘God'”

A former staff member once described the Brockwood timetable as ‘God’. This year change is in the air as some students are fully involved in the creation of God, a task that was once the exclusive domain of staff. The students have given up their weekend to wrestle with the painstaking work of collating, crunching, checking and bring into existence a new and benevolent God, one who will serve the school community well for the coming year. Wish them luck!


“Tetris” for advanced players, or putting together the new timetable. (Click on the picture to get the full effect)1176180_507038032717885_272228130_n 1236490_507038452717843_601807599_n  1238955_507037916051230_1620526278_n

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