A New School Year Begins

Yesterday teachers met together to start the work of preparing for the new academic year. Professor Eleanor Duckworth was at Brockwood for one more day after the conference ended to work closely with teachers on teaching and learning (See the very recent blog post “The Virtues of Not Knowing”—Education Conference Retrospective”).

Brockwood teachers were given the following two assignments to work on in small groups: (1) design an activity which engages the learners in the subject matter; and (2) in designing this, make sense of the learners’ understanding rather than telling them what they should learn. Afterwards they came together and presented the activities to one another. In the coming week staff will have their staff ‘retreat’ during which they will work hard to put the house together in time for student arrivals on August 30th.

554509_497205927034429_485529600_n                    Eleanor Duckworth (second from left) working with teachers.


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