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New Windows for the Cloisters

Thanks to the generosity of a donor we are upgrading boys’ accommodation in the Cloisters by putting in new double-glazed windows. The Cloisters were built in 1969 for guests and over time turned into student housing. The new windows will help insulate the rooms better and reduce noise levels. A very significant improvement. (Photos by Mark Apted)
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Interview with emeritus Staff, Stephen Smith

The following interview in the form of a friendly conversation happened over the course of two meetings in the autumn of 2012. The interviewer, Pedro Lopez Merino, today a Staff Member,  first came to Brockwood as a Mature Student in 2009, which is when he got to know Steve. At the time Stephen Smith (also known as Steve) was the programme’s coordinator, which included facilitating dialogues twice a week. After having interviewed Colin Foster when he left Brockwood (also a former long-term Staff and Co-Director), Pedro thought it would be good also to have a record of Steve’s life and memories of the place. Stephen Smith was sometime Acting Principal, some years Academic Director, and twenty years a teacher at Brockwood Park School. 

stephen_smith        pedro

Steve                   Pedro

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It’s all in the details: Brockwood’s Architectural Treasures

We asked alumna and architecture student Maryam Benoit to serve as our architectural tour guide of the buildings at Brockwood Park. The goal was to look at the old familiar buildings with a fresh eye. Maryam grew up on and around the Brockwood grounds from the age of 9 until she graduated at 18. She is now studying Architecture at Bennington College in Vermont, USA, a College where several Brockwood alumni have studied. (Text & photos by Maryam Benoit)


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Gathering Quietness

“Sit absolutely quietly without a single movement so that your hands, your eyes, everything is completely quiet–what happens? While you were going to the room you watched the trees, the flowers, you have seen the beauty of the earth, the sky, the squirrels, you have watched everything around you, you come into the room; then you don’t want to look out any more. You have finished with looking out; you have finished by looking very carefully at everything as you came in. Then you sit absolutely quietly without a single movement; you are gathering quietness without any forcing. Be quiet. Then when you leave, when you are teaching or when you are learning this or that, there is a quietness going on all the time.”
(Krishnamurti on the daily Brockwood morning assembly meeting in “Beginnings of Learning,” p. 103)


Video of the Opening of the Pavilions

On Sunday June the 2nd 2013 the new Pavilions at Brockwood Park School were opened by Dr. Mary Cadogan, longest serving Trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust. Fifty-five years ago, Mary began working as Krishnamurti’s secretary in England, so for this occasion she spoke of the history of Brockwood and the significance of the new buildings in this context. She then cut the ribbon to open the Pavilions officially.


Yurt Construction Project

In their spare time, two Brockwood staff members, Samuele and Martins, are using traditional methods to build two, 6m diameter yurts. They have coppiced hazel from nearby and in the photos, Samuele can be seen steaming the stripped hazel poles in an improvised steamer and then bending them as required. We will post more photos as the yurts take shape.
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Brockwood Observer Spring / Summer, Issue #41

Here is our Spring/Summer issue of the Observer. Happy holidays!

Young people’s week in the mountains


A week of inquiry and dialogue inspired by the work of J. Krishnamurti. August 12-19, Bourg-St-Pierre, Switzerland

Can we be free in this society?

During this week, the intention is to create a space for young people to exchange and raise questions such as:
– Why are we afraid of losing what we have?
– What is success?
– How does freedom impact on our relationships?
– And all the questions that are related to finding a right livelihood, and one’s relationship with human beings, nature and social responsibility.

For more information an registration: