Daily Archive for May 7th, 2013

Annual Appeal of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. (May 2013)

In 1983 Krishnamurti wrote about Brockwood: ‘It began with many difficulties, lack of money and so on, and we all helped to build it to its present condition.’ When he said those words he was not simply referring to those of us living and working here, but to everyone around the world who has ever supported Brockwood with their generosity.

This year we’ve had an extraordinary offer from a Friend of Brockwood who will triple every gift we receive. So when you give £50 we will receive £200! We are hoping to raise £100,000 in order to receive £400,000. A large gift of this nature will make a big difference for us! See this video to find out what we are raising funds for. To donate please go to: