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‘Une école qui change la vie’ Brockwood Park School video–French Subtitles

Postcards to Brockwood from Geneva Alumni Event




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“Brockwood in Geneva” Alumni Event



Last Saturday Lionel Claris and Doris-Cecilia Stucki organized a wonderful alumni event in Geneva. It was the first such gathering in Geneva to welcome alumni and other friends of Brockwood Park. As you can see it was very well attended. To all those who made an effort to be there thank you again so much for coming! — with Lionel Claris, Philip Henebry, Masha Metrailler-Kargaeva,Masha Metrailler-KargaevaBertrand MetraillerAlice DuHilkka SiWilliam (Staff in the mid 80s)Doris-cecilia StuckiMarie-Bertrande MarogerClaude BobillierCarole LussiStéphanie MarcotGisele BalleysCatharine HaitzmannJean-Michel MarogerClaudia HerrFriedrich GroheAlain Joly and Paolo Jory in Geneva, Geneve.


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Spring Workshops 2013 Analysis


Vijay Raghavendran, our in-house data wizard, made this interesting visual analysis of our recent spring workshops. We bring in alumni and friends of Brockwood to conduct classes over  a short week every year. It’s a wonderfully active time!



Brockwood Park School’s Winter Trip to India 2012

This is a slideshow of the school trip to India that took place during the winter break of 2012.