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“The Sunset Tree”, by student Oliver Belus

A new, short, entertaining and beautiful film made at Brockwood Park School by current student Oliver Belus.


Chekhov’s Paintings: Brockwood’s 2012 Winter “Concert”

If you missed it, here it is for your own enjoyment, and to see how much of a success this year’s winter ‘concert’ was:



Issue 17: January 2013

From the Editorial:


“Krishnamurti questioned the schools constantly about why they were producing mice instead of lions and gazelles. Occasionally, in an interview or at a public question and answer session, he would in turn be queried about the purpose of setting up the schools and on what was happening in them. Obviously, these were not questions in the sense of a factory manager reprimanding his quality control supervisor, who has to ensure that goods are produced according to clearly laid down standards. Such questions call for a great deal of reflection on the part of the questioned before an adequate response can be given.

Likewise, is it time to ask ourselves about the ‘aim and purpose’—to borrow Krishnamurti’s phrase—of the Journal, now in its seventeenth year? …”

Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools – Issue 17, January 2013

The Memoirs of Mary Zimbalist, available March 1st 2013

In the Presence of Krishnamurti: The Memoirs of Mary Zimbalist is the direct result of Krishnamurti asking Mary to write about what it was like to be with him. Mary struggled to write this account for more than two decades. I was concerned that, with her frail health and slow progress, she might not complete this task for which she cared so much. To try to help her, I suggested that she and I recount our memories of Krishnamurti to each other, and record them. …”

In the Presence of Krishnamurti - memoirs of Mary Zimbalist







In The Presence of Krishnamurti – The Memoirs of Mary Zimbalist

A short film on Brockwood by current student, Nico Acillona

Open Morning, March 2nd 2013




PRESENT TENSE: “Finding a Path of Wellbeing”, a talk by Nigel Lester

Nigel Lester Present Tense-page0001

PRESENT TENSE: “Finding a Path of Wellbeing”, a talk by Nigel Lester
Feb. 10th, 3pm, Assembly Hall (and soon on our YouTube channel)

“The Essence of Winter at Brockwood”, by Oliver Belus (student)

If you’ve ever been to Brockwood you’ll really recognize these experiences. And if you haven’t visited yet you’ll get a sense of what it is like to be here in winter. This poetic short film by Brockwood Park School student Oliver Belus (age 19, Slovakia) examines important aspects of winter including lighting and sitting by the fire, making a cup of tea, and walking around the snow-covered grounds.

Brockwood Presented at Alternative Education Conference in Paris

Brockwood Park School teacher Lionel Claris was recently invited to give a presentation on Brockwood at a conference on alternative education entitled “Education et Co-évolution” in Paris. Here we share with you his talk (in French), which starts in full at 2:14. Please share with any French speakers you feel might have an interest in Brockwood Park School. Thank you!

Professeur à Brockwood Park School, Lionel Claris, a récemment été invité à faire une présentation de Brockwood lors d’une conférence sur l’éducation alternative à Paris intitulé «Education et Co-évolution”. Nous partageons ici avec vous son intervention (commence à 2:14). N’hésitez pas à la partager avec tous les francophones que vous pensez pouvoir être intéressés par l’école de Brockwood. Merci!