In the heat of Chennai

Happy new year everyone! I am sure it will be a good one :)

Another week has gone by… The last time I wrote we had just arrived at the Valley School, and now we have been in Chennai for a few days already.  We are staying at Vasanta Vihar, the headquarters of the KFI. It is a beautiful green haven in the midst of the city. The people here are taking super good care of us and it is interesting to get a bit of a taste of the city life. There is a music and dance festival in the month of January here and we went to a dance performance the other evening, tonight we will explore the music scene.

Back in the Valley School we spent quite a bit of time in the art village, where the students and staff were preparing for the Mela, their annual festival. Lots of crafts for display and sale were being made, such beautiful things! It was lovely also to be able to spend some time with Rupert, a former Brockwood staff member and we got to hang out with Vasudev, a former Brockwood student who lives very close to the Valley School. On new years eve, we took the train from Bangalore to Chennai. I have to say I could get used to travelling first class!

It is really nice to meet so many people during our travels that are connected to Brockwood one way or another. Last night for example we had dinner with Ahaliaji, the oldest member of the community here at Vasanta Vihar. At 91 years old she is still very active within the foundation and she has spent quite some time with Krishnamurti. She told us of some of her experiences with him and it was very interesting to hear her talk about the time when they were both young. She even confided to us how handsome he was!

Part of being in the city for a few days is of course shopping! Yesterday we all went to the tailor to select fabric and get our measurements taken, on Monday, just before we leave India, we should be able to pick up all our tailor made shirts and trousers. Exciting! Apart from shopping, we visited the Theosophical Society, which is around the corner from Vasanta Vihar, and today we spend the morning at The School, meeting the teachers and students of our sister school here in Chennai.

Tomorrow morning early we are going to Auroville, a universal city in the making :) James and Philip have organised this part of our journey and we will spend three days there before coming back to Chennai and then England. We will be staying with Duncan, a former Brockwood student, on his farm. We are all looking forward to spending a bit more time in the countryside of India before returning to England.

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