Drangonflys and Inequality

HI everyone!

There are dragonflies in the air. That’s supposed to mean the rain is coming, but we haven’t seen any yet… They are beautiful though!

Tomorrow we are leaving Rishi Valley. It has been a lovely week full of impressions. Today for example, we visited one of the rural schools and the rural health care center. The contrasts are so big here. When we entered the tiny class room of the rural school, The teacher had the children stand up and salute us. To us this seems strange but here it is a show of respect for visitors. At the health care center, there was a huge line of people waiting to be seen. As soon as we arrived though, we were invited into the doctor’s office, while the patient he was seeing at that moment was not even dismissed yet. We were sat down and some of the patients waiting outside were made to sit on the floor so we could sit on a chair. For us this is uncomfortable and completely unnecessary, wrong even, but here inequality is the norm and equality is uncomfortable. So how do you respond in a situation like that? It is a constant challenge to try and find a balance between what is socially acceptable here and what feels right for us.

In Rishi Valley itself the students and staff are very much on an equal level and it gives a completely different feeling. It has been lovely to spend some time here and get to know the people and the place. It feels like we finally know our way around here and now we are leaving. On to our next adventure in the Sholai School! We have a long train journey ahead of us tomorrow.

Ah and the pictures are proving to be a bit of a problem to upload, but when they do come there will be all the more of them and all the more to enjoy!

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