We are going to India!

Tomorrow a group of 3 students and 2 staff will be leaving Brockwood to go to the South of India for a month. We will be visiting several of Brockwood’s sister schools in Bangalore and Chennai, participate in the daily running of the places we visit, explore the culture in the cities and countryside, learn about self sufficiency and alternative education in India, hang out with monkeys, and hopefully eat really good food and have lots of fun!

Here is a short introduction of the group:

Petter organises the  Care for the Earth Programme at Brockwood and teaches Outdoor Education and Photography. He is originally from the United States and Norway.

Sarai manages the kitchen and cooks at Brockwood she is from the Netherlands and loves baking bread.

Petter & Sarai have both been at Brockwood for almost 3 years now.

Philip is from Germany, 17 years old and interested in any adventure. He particularly likes to hang out with his friends and eat, a lot! This is his second year at Brockwood.

James from England, 18 years old. He loves to sing and plant things, grow things, be outside and play the piano. And yoga too!  James is in his third year at Brockwood.

Alby from England, 16 years old and very interested in the natural world, hands on activities, yoga, photography and playing the guitar. This is Alby’s third year at Brockwood.

The pictures for our visa applications, charming no?


We will try to post regularly on the blog and tell you all about our adventures!

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