Open Morning at Brockwood Park School in Full Swing

Right now, students and their parents are getting student-led tours of Brockwood Park School in order to get a feel for the place to see if it might be a good fit for them.

Open MorningComing up on the Main House — at Brockwood Park.

Open MorningA large sign in the shape of a scroll gives visitors an impression of all the classes on offer.
Open MorningDr. Gopal Krishnamurthy, Dean of Faculty and Educational Programmes, welcomes visitors.
Open MorningA typical collection of shoes in front of the study where students are meeting.
Open MorningVicki Lewin, Admissions and Recruitment Officer, ready to give parents and students more information about the school.
Open MorningCo-Principal Bill Taylor talking to parents.
Open MorningStudents at the food and drinks table.
Open MorningTeacher Clive Gray hard at work at a dining hall table.
Open MorningCo-Principal Bill Taylor and Dean of Faculty Gopal Krishnamurthy talking to visitors.
Open MorningMeanwhile in the gym serious workouts are in progress.

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