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Brockwood’s ONLY Pop Quiz 2.0 is Live!

The Brockwood’s ONLY Pop Quiz 2.0 is available from the sidebar on the school website homepage:
Brockwood's ONLY Pop Quiz

POSSIBLE CITIES FOR UPCOMING “Brockwood in ??? Alumni & Friends Reunions”

Any ideas? We are thinking of Geneva next and are trying to gauge how many people out there might be interested in that or in another major city in Europe. Please comment. Thank you!

Alumni Reunion Paris and Barcelona, among the previous locations.

Present Tense – “Paths and the Pathless: Inquiry, Risk-Taking, Teaching and School”

A Present Tense Lecture by Dr. Gopal Krishnamurthy at Brockwood Park School, Sunday Sept. 16th and soon on our YouTube channel.
(Update: The video is now available. Present Tense Lecture)

This interactive session will explore the relevance of Krishnamurti’s statement “Truth is a Pathless Land” to teaching, inquiry, risk-taking and school. This will open up a principled pushback to the press of conformity and conditioning. We will explore the challenge of envisioning education from and for freedom.

Paths and the PathlessGopal Krishnamurthy has spent most of his life since the age of 4, as a student and teacher at Krishnamurti’s schools in India, the UK and the USA. He was a student, mature student and staff member at Brockwood. He is currently at Brockwood teaching physics and mathematics, and working as Dean of faculty and educational programmes.

“When teaching is so resolutely structured around demonstrating what one already knows — “not knowing” is a challenging and unexplored point of departure for teaching and learning”.

International Vegetarian Food Festival September 2012

At the end of the first week of the new term at Brockwood Park School we all have an international food festival. All the staff and the students got together to prepare and then eat these gorgeous international vegetarian dishes. Once or twice during the school year we hold a “Food Festival”, in which groups of students and staff concoct dishes from their national regions to share with the whole school. This year our first food festival took place early, in the second week of school, allowing everyone to get to know one another better by cooking together. All staff’s kitchens were utilized, while the whole organization side of the event was done by students.

“Goulash of Noise” at Brockwood Park School

A Brockwood composition by former student Nicholas Hennell-Foley.