Monthly Archive for April, 2012

Winter Workshops (formerly known as the Autumn Week Workshops)

Hip-hop and raku ceramics, songwriting and Japanese cooking. What is the link? Every year for one week Brockwood’s normal routine grinds to a halt and in its place we have one week’s exposure and excitement with a host of skills. These Winter Workshops provided a learning opportunity for everybody involved and showcased that power Brockwood has of bringing together fascinating people from all corners of the world. Each workshop showcased a unique skill by talented individuals who taught precision techniques to first-time novices in the form of students, mature students and staff at Brockwood Park School. The most obvious example of this is Alan Baxter’s ceramics workshop, dealing with raku firing techniques. This had participants cooking pottery pieces, often in six foot flames raging into the thousands of degrees, with a sure and deft touch. “The beauty of the work is in the unexpected imperfections that the fire gives it,” say Jorge (Spain) and Max (Belgium), two participants in Alan’s workshop.
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