JustGiving – For a Beautiful New Garden at Brockwood: OUR FIRST ONLINE FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN

For a Beautiful New Garden at Brockwood
On October 10th 2011 started Brockwood’s first-ever online fundraising campaign and is due to end for logistical reasons on December 15th 2011. The target of this appeal is £25,000 and while it is ambitious, it is also the reality of how much such a beautiful new space will cost, even by doing much of it ourselves. We are very thankful to the numerous donations that have been coming in – you may follow progress, see much more, and donate here:


Below are two introductions to this exciting project, a short one from Co-principal Bill Taylor and a Design Brief from former Head Gardener, current Trustee Gary Primrose:

Brief introduction:

Do you remember visiting the Grove on an early spring morning, the grass damp underfoot, the sky blue and full of promise, sunlight touching the tops of the sequoias and the fragrance of azaleas in the air? Do you remember digging for potatoes in the walled garden, or climbing for apples, or hunting strawberries and raspberries and only half of them made it back to the kitchen? Do you remember lying on your back on the South Lawn in the shade of the Cedar of Lebanon – or was it the Tulip tree – staring into the canopy and being filled with wonder?

Brockwood is surrounded by wondrous spaces that nourish us all and impress themselves on the minds and hearts of students, staff and visitors. Now we would like to create a beautiful new space, by landscaping the area between and around our seven Pavilions.

We are fortunate in having Gary Primrose, our former Head Gardener and current Trustee, prepare an attractive and effective design for this project. Here he explains the vision for the space. We hope you will like it as much as we do and assist us as best you can to make it happen.

Bill Taylor, Co-principal

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Design Brief for the Pavilion Courtyard

The courtyard is a secluded, south facing space surrounded on three sides by the adjoining green roofed verandah that connects the seven Pavilions. It will be a popular, protected gathering and studying environment for students and staff. Approximately two thirds of the area will be lawn with a specimen tree and surrounding bench. This sheltered space will be held by sculpted yew hedges at the south end which will double as a stage set for school plays. Behind the hedges will be a ‘hidden garden’ – a rectangular pond bound by mostly native planting and accessed from both sides by a board walk. The entrance through the hedges to the pond will be on a central axis and directed to a focal point – a sculpture or tree behind the pond. A wooden deck adjoining the pond with built in benches will make this area attractive for studying and reflection. It will be hidden from the road by vertical oak stanchions, perennial grasses and shrub planting. The planting throughout the design will favour plants that attract bees, butterflies and birds, be of interest year round and be relatively low maintenance. The courtyard garden will have disabled access.

Gary Primrose, Trustee, former Brockwood Head Gardener
(Gary was born in Kenya in 1950 but grew up in Western Canada. He joined Brockwood as a staff member in 1977 and stayed until 1993 working in the kitchen, garden and teaching. From Brockwood he went to live and work in the English Lake District where he designs and maintains gardens. He completed an MA at Lancaster University in 2006 specializing in the history of the Lake District landscape. In 2010 he became a trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust.)

For a Beautiful New Garden at Brockwood
For a Beautiful New Garden at Brockwood

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