Monthly Archive for October, 2011

International Vegetarian Food Festival

Once or twice during the school year we hold a “Food Festival”, in which groups of students and staff concoct dishes from their national regions to share with the whole school. This year our first food festival took place early, in the second week of school, allowing everyone to get to know one another better by cooking together. All staff’s kitchens were utilized, while the whole organization side of the event was done by students. It was an overwhelming success as you can see below from the pictures and video.

International Vegetarian Food FestivalStudent and staff cooking together in the main kitchen.
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Garden Rooms Get New Green Roof!

When our loved 9 old Garden Rooms, some of which are used as classrooms and some as bedrooms, were clearly in need of a new roof, we decided to go for a green solution. The idea is to preserve nature as much as it is possible where it is typically destroyed when buildings are erected. By having a “green roof” we are bringing nature back. See for yourself:

Garden Rooms Get New Green Roof!Completed Green Roof.
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