Monthly Archive for September, 2011

New Pavilions Go Up!!!

It’s been an exciting month at Brockwood, not only did we start a new year with great new and returning students bringing positive energy into the place, but after many months of paving to way for the green oak structures of the Pavilions, three just went up! They’re beautiful – see for yourself:

New Pavilions go up!Students, Mature Students and Staff taking a tour of the newly erected structures with Carpenter Oak Ltd.
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Brockwood’s ONLY Pop Quiz!

Brockwood has a new online questionnaire on its website’s homepage. It is for prospective students and anyone interested in Brockwood’s unique approach to education to test their personal schooling style. You may want to take the quiz yourself – it only takes 10 minutes or less! You can get easy access to it here:

The idea is that students who are most satisfied with Brockwood’s approach to learning often have certain views about how and what they want to learn and that answers on this quiz could help say prospective students to see if a Brockwood education might be a good choice for them.

Brockwood's ONLY Pop Quiz!