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2011 Spring/Summer Observer

Here is our latest issue of the Observer. Happy Summer!

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Current Brockwood Mature Student Launches Helpful Innovative Health Website

Roland Bal, currently enrolled in the Mature Student program at Brockwood just launched an interactive health website filled with many valuable tips and information:

Roland is a trained Cranio-Sacral therapist but he has also done training in Visceral Manipulation and Somato Emotional Release. He recently said the following about launching website:

“Many pages there are related to health and can be used as reference material when needed. I am often asked for advice concerning health issues so instead of having to send or write down links for people I have put everything on one site. You can subscribe to the site if you’d like to be notified when I post something new on it (right corner). The information contained in these pages could potentially save your or your loved one’s life or help you move forward. It is important to make people aware of alternative possibilities that WORK. Feel free to share and comment or ask questions – it’s set up as an interactive site, so enjoy.”

“to know is not enough” – Study Skills & Critical Thinking Class

The overarching expectations behind this class are quite philosophical. If you learn to learn in a way that you love, that will help facilitate finding out what you love, and if you discover what you love to do, then the rest will follow in a way that is empowering, innovative and socially responsive. That is why, as I understand it, discovering what you love to do in life is a core intention of Brockwood.

In being encouraged to be self-reflective learners, students engage with their learning in such an active way that they start to appreciate that “to know is not enough”, and that this is true in two interrelated ways. Indeed while the two are connected, students begin to be able to distinguish between the outer knowledge of the world and the inner knowledge of themselves. One of the points is for them to see that in both cases knowledge is constructed and must therefore be critiqued as such.

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