Brockwood in Berlin: Alumni Got Together

On Saturday, May 14th, 2011, 22 former students, staff, parents and others came together for the first official Brockwood reunion in Berlin. People travelled from as far as Oldenburg and Prague to be there. We met in a central place in Berlin and funnily a different kind of reunion was taking place at the same time with motorbike and old car riders. Just from the way people looked, it was quite easy to tell which reunion people were heading to!

Brockwood in BerlinBy alphabetic order: Adrian Sydenham, Agnes Benoit, Andrés Nader, Anke Schmiedel, Charlotte He, Dagmar Albrecht, Daniel Celal Christoffel, Gregor Czimmek, James Griffin, Jan Janda, Jana Langguth, Jonathan Menz, Justine Hess, Kris Gorski, Lorena Wish, Ludger Fabian, Marc Schmiedel, Martin Janda, Moses Merkle, Natasza Smielowska, Pamela Ferchl.

Adrian (co-principal) and Yannick (former student and head of maintenance) came from Brockwood and updated us on developments at the school, telling us about the building of new dorms (the Pavilions) and other facilities, about enrollment figures and about the ongoing need to recruit new staff as well. Many of us did not know one another, so Dagmar who had organized the event, gave us some time to chat and mingle. Eventually, a lively discussion ensued around the question: whether and how the school prepares students for the “outside world,” and what could be done to ease the transition. On the one hand concerns were raised that BPS might not be doing enough to prepare young people for the “outside world”, but at the same time, others questioned the very distinction between the “outside” and the “inside” and still others opined that it might not be possible to do away with the challenges of transitioning out of school, whether it is Brockwood you are leaving or another school.

By the end of the meeting many expressed an interest in supporting Brockwood Park, with ideas ranging from creating a scholarship fund, which even got its first donation then and there, to offering workshops at Brockwood or even considering becoming a staff member there!

by former student Andrés Nader.

Brockwood in Berlin

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