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Brockwood in Berlin: Alumni Got Together

On Saturday, May 14th, 2011, 22 former students, staff, parents and others came together for the first official Brockwood reunion in Berlin. People travelled from as far as Oldenburg and Prague to be there. We met in a central place in Berlin and funnily a different kind of reunion was taking place at the same time with motorbike and old car riders. Just from the way people looked, it was quite easy to tell which reunion people were heading to!

Brockwood in BerlinBy alphabetic order: Adrian Sydenham, Agnes Benoit, Andrés Nader, Anke Schmiedel, Charlotte He, Dagmar Albrecht, Daniel Celal Christoffel, Gregor Czimmek, James Griffin, Jan Janda, Jana Langguth, Jonathan Menz, Justine Hess, Kris Gorski, Lorena Wish, Ludger Fabian, Marc Schmiedel, Martin Janda, Moses Merkle, Natasza Smielowska, Pamela Ferchl.
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Art Collage Evening

Former staff and student Javier Gómez Rodriguez visited the school last week and showed a presentation of his art collage work on Tuesday evening. Below is what he wrote a few months ago about what he calls “this simple artistic exercise” that he describes as “a way of mirroring the interface between the outward or social stream and one’s own inner sense of meaning”. Together with his writing you will find a few pictures of his work too.

In the Wake of ProgressIn the Wake of Progress
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Participating in Tomorrow’s Brockwood: A Memorable Alumni Event in New York City

Sixteen former and current students and staff of Brockwood came together in central New York City on Saturday April 2nd. Alumni came from all over the US, as far as California and as close as Manhattan. They wanted to reconnect with one thing they all shared: Brockwood people and their lives.

New York Alumni EventBack Row (from left to right): Arvind Pai (Rishi Valley alumnus and host), Jonathan Mitchell, Lauren Russell-Geskos, Eva Segou, Xana Vie, Sid Goyal, Joel Vall Thomas , Kara Taylor, Ajit Pai (Rishi Valley alumnus and host), George Matthews.
Front Two Rows (from left to right): Hugo Mahabir, Dana Jané, Veronique Rignault, Tyler Davis-Mayo, Olga Gonzalez, Carole Starkes, Leila Taylor, Bill Taylor.
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Job Opportunities at Brockwood

We are just about to launch into our busy summer term at Brockwood, which against the backdrop of a lush Hampshire spring is always the most eventful. This is also the time of year when we have to find new residential staff to fill vacancies for the forthcoming academic year.

All staff living at Brockwood share an interest in the intentions of the school, perform a number of duties and are considered to be ‘educators’ in the broadest sense of the word. This year we are looking for people with the following skills, or some combination of them: vegetarian cooking, housekeeping, maintenance and the teaching of Art, Ceramics, English, Physical Education, Psychology, and Woodwork.

If you would like further information or would like to make an application to work at Brockwood please contact us via: or call +44 (0) 1962 771 744. Please also share this message with friends or family whom you think might be interested.

Best wishes for an enjoyable summer.

By: Adrian Sydenham & Bill Taylor, Co-Principals