2011 Brockwood Parents’ Weekend, March 25th-27th

Every year we invite all parents to come to Brockwood for a whole weekend and participate in everything that we do and more. In the past few years the event has become more and more popular and this year it was the most attended one to date: indeed over 70 parents joined us for three days! If you think the dining hall tends to be a little crowded these days, just imagine it with seventy more bodies! That said we ended up being very lucky with the weather and many naturally chose to eat on the beautiful south lawn.

One of the highlights of the weekend was a meeting where all the parents met with the staff. There not only numerous appreciative comments were made about what a Brockwood education succeeds in doing but constructively critical questions were raised as well. The atmosphere throughout the weekend was one of meaningful new encounters, friendship, reflection and sheer genuine fun.

For the last night students had planned one of the famous “Informal Evenings”, which many in attendance seemed very much impressed with, perhaps especially with how good people can be at earnestly not taking themselves seriously. New networking and ideas also came as a result of bringing all those caring people together.

Brockwood Parents’ Weekend
Inquiry Time – a moment in the week where the whole school gets together and discusses existentially any topic of interest such as burning issues in the school or in the world.

Brockwood Parents’ Weekend
Care for the Earth class

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