Brockwood at Zeitgeist-Day in London – March 13th, 2011

Z-Day is the yearly awareness-raising event of the issues discussed in the Zeitgeist movie series ( It takes place all over the world. This year Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement and filmmaker of “Zeitgeist: The Movie”, the most watched documentary in the internet’s history (over 200 million views), decided to join the event in London and so did some Brockwood Students and Mature Students. It all happened at the Friends House and over 1000 people came.


Peter Joseph is familiar with and appreciates Krishnamurti’s work, as this December 25th 2009 quote demonstrates:
Questioner: What are your views on J. Krishnamurti’s philosophical teachings and their significance in today’s world?

Peter Joseph: I’ve read many of his books, he’s a brilliant, brilliant mind. A very balanced individual. He really understood both human conditioning and human introspection; what it means to look into yourself and to use the tools that you have to start to change yourself. And to simultaneously know that you have been conditioned by the external world.

There is a really good little YouTube thing that has just dawned on me if anyone wants to punch it up called “Why don’t you change?” So if anyone wants to get a good sense of Jiddu Krishnamurti, if you never heard of him, go to YouTube and type “Why don’t you change?” and you’ll have an interesting take on who this individual is.

He also asked great questions, he didn’t sit there and just tell you things like supposed Gurus. He asked questions. He would sit with his audience and sometimes he would deal with little kids, and he would just ask the kids questions, it’s really quite brilliant. He was all about getting the mind to work and not to just dictate ideas that he thought were true.

Students and Mature Students on their way to the event

Friends House where the Zeitgeist-Day event took place

The first account of the 2011 Z-Day is by Brockwood Mature Student Ahmed Lelamo:

The zeitgeist documentaries have been a provocative phenomenon, making people question what is considered to be the “norm” in today’s society. From the way we humans operate our economics, our religious institutions, our value systems and practically every other form of human activity; these internet-based documentaries seem to question it all. The documentaries have had such an impact on the world that groups of energetic people all around the planet are now working together to raise awareness about the most fundamental issues that humanity is facing; once a year people gather to spread the information denoted in the documentaries. The movies, the movement and my own interest in world affairs have made it that much more interesting and exciting for the group of us that attended the main event this year held in London.

Upon arrival it was obvious that many young people are attracted to the movement, which is not a surprise, as it tends to be that the younger generations are often more optimistic than the older ones. The atmosphere was one of general respect, there wasn’t any radical angry mobs aggressively rejecting neither “the system” nor was there any type of divisionary conflict within the 1100 people that attended the event, just a day of lecture after lecture after lecture. Which might sound boring and at times it was, but I much prefer such lectures over the usual angry mob revolutionary attitude that we’re so used to seeing. Although I enjoyed the peaceful nature of the event, there was a lack of opportunity to interact with the lecturers.

Inside Friends House

The second account of the 2011 Z-Day is by Brockwood Student Vasudev Devadasan

Our minds are a unified whole and at Brockwood one of our many aspirations is to remove conflict from our minds, albeit with some difficulty. If we view the world as an extension of our minds we see just how much conflict there is. The Zeitgeist Movement is an organisation that promotes a, globalist resource-based economy, which views the entire world as a unified whole and values the quality of life of everything on the planet above all else.

Our trip to London to attend their largest event of the year provided us with a valuable insight into both the reasoning behind such an organisation as well as how it conducts and coordinates its various programs across the world (it has a “chapter” in over 60 countries now). From mundane topics such as translations to financial management and public relations it was an experience that hinted at what is needed to run an organisation and arrange events such as this.

The Zeitgeist Movement is in a particularly delicate situation as it questions some of the most established institutions of our time such as the political, educational and financial institutions. At the event we witnessed the kind of criticism they receive as well as how they respond to it. On the whole it was an engaging experience that gave us much food for thought.

Solution posters of the Venus Project of which the Zeitgeist Movement is its activist arm

Peter Joseph

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