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2011 Brockwood Parents’ Weekend, March 25th-27th

Every year we invite all parents to come to Brockwood for a whole weekend and participate in everything that we do and more. In the past few years the event has become more and more popular and this year it was the most attended one to date: indeed over 70 parents joined us for three days! If you think the dining hall tends to be a little crowded these days, just imagine it with seventy more bodies! That said we ended up being very lucky with the weather and many naturally chose to eat on the beautiful south lawn.
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School-Wide Teachers’ Meeting

One of the highlights of the Autumn and Spring terms’ schedule is a school-wide Teachers’ Meeting, at which residential and on-residential teachers join forces to discuss topics of common interest. Feedback on classes, individual tussles and difficulties, questions and ideas relating to the coming term or next academic year can all shape the discussion. During our most recent (March) meeting we were given much food for thought in the area of Learning Support, and of Homework, and also listened to strong parental feelings with regard to the recently rejuvenated idea of an English baccalaureat. Which subjects are to be taught, and how much time they are given, together with the subtle or not so subtle expressions of their perceived importance, whether as exam subjects or not, are perennial themes for parents and educators, and Brockwood is no exception in this. Sharing our encrustation-prone perceptions, and recognising the need to polish and revise them, left us feeling glad for a morning well spent.

By Adrian Sydenham, Co-Principal.

Teachers' Meeting
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Brockwood at Zeitgeist-Day in London – March 13th, 2011

Z-Day is the yearly awareness-raising event of the issues discussed in the Zeitgeist movie series ( It takes place all over the world. This year Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement and filmmaker of “Zeitgeist: The Movie”, the most watched documentary in the internet’s history (over 200 million views), decided to join the event in London and so did some Brockwood Students and Mature Students. It all happened at the Friends House and over 1000 people came.


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Flora and Fauna at Brockwood

Former staff member, Phil Quinn is an ecology consultant. He is a regular guest at the Krishnamurti Centre and on several occasions has given guided tours of the Brockwood grounds to examine the local flora and fauna.