Haikus by students in Brockwood’s creative writing class

From the trees leaves fall,

for now it is autumn.

season of ageing.

Outside the rain drips,

the sky is dark with clouds.

the earth flooding.

Boy walks through field,

all alone in the sunlight

turning, he walks home.

by  Sasha

The embers are burnt

glow, ever persistently.

Until more wood comes.

The brush is alive,

moving with the wind forever

dancing in the mist.

The sun’s rays piercing

through the morning fog and mist

clearing the moisture.

by Cyrus

Izzy: Izzy is tired

she goes to bed, goodnight

and there was silence.

Mine: In the dark distance,

a faint pale light glows softly

from a black window.

Inhaling fresh air

mysterious smells moving around:

it is the night.

The shock of realisation

the dark outside, the time indoors.

it is the night.

A cold autumn wind

a bent tree, left in its wake

red leaves left flying.

by coco with the help of Izzy

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