Monthly Archive for February, 2011

Inspiring Alumni Focus Group

As a continuation to last November’s successful Alumni Event in London, this past February 12th eight alumni came down to Brockwood for an intense day of exploration. We wanted to spend more time talking about the future of Brockwood with a cross-section of alumni in order to learn from their ideas and better understand their feelings about the place. There were both women and men, and they represented years at Brockwood all the way back from 1978 to 2004. During lunch, alumni networked with current students whose last year at Brockwood it is, making it a rich experience for both leaving students and former students.

Alumni Focus Group
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Haikus by students in Brockwood’s creative writing class

From the trees leaves fall,

for now it is autumn.

season of ageing.

Outside the rain drips,

the sky is dark with clouds.

the earth flooding.

Boy walks through field,

all alone in the sunlight

turning, he walks home.

by  Sasha

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Brockwood’s Pavilion Project: Students & Staff Visit Carpenter Oak

This past week some of the staff and students were invited down to Devon to visit Carpenter Oak Ltd. where the timber frames for the Pavilion Project are currently being carved and constructed. We spent two days at Carpenter Oak learning about where the oak timber comes from, the sustainability of using wood versus other building materials, the design of the Pavilions, and getting our hands on some of the wood we will later be living in. In addition to visiting the beautiful Devon countryside and learning about Oak frame constructions techniques, it was a nice opportunity to get better acquainted with each other while engaging in hands on experience.

Brockwood at Carpenter Oak Ltd
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