Students’ Quotes from Questionnaires

Towards the end of the autumn term a questionnaire was given to all students asking them about how the term had gone, about their studies, and their reflections on their future at Brockwood. These are some of their written replies:

“I feel more responsible for the school and for people this year. I care more because I’ve seen how it can get when I don’t.”

“Opportunities are there for you, if you are open to them.”

“Sometimes I feel life at Brockwood is a bit too full, but it pushes me to set my own boundaries.”

“Well, it’s all about balance, and that’s quite hard to achieve. I struggle with it each day, but in the end, I feel great!”

“I am going through a lot of emotional changes at Brockwood, but I learn a lot about how I am feeling and it is good for me because I feel stronger.”

“I need to relax and take things slowly, not rush through them.”

Regarding the first term: “ It could have been much better, but that was my fault.”

“I don’t like that the term is nearly over.”

“I found it really hard at the beginning of the term to say “no” to my friends and do homework, but now I can.”

“I eat too much chocolate.”

“I’m not getting enough sleep, I eat too many snacks and chocolate, and not enough greens. I also don’t get much physical exercise outside of sports. I really will change that–I don’t want to keep living like that.”

“Next term I would like to get my homework done sooner to the time it is set rather than having a panic just before the lesson.”
“I would like to sleep more, procrastinate less, and be more conscious of how my actions affect me and others.”

“(I have been) learning that being myself is OK.”

“I’m not enjoying anything” = (on reading the whole of the student’s answers) “There is nothing I don’t enjoy.”

“I’ve grown up a lot.”

(Presumably based on experience at a previous school): “I’m not used to having a tutor you actually talk to.”

“It is difficult to say what I really think, and I am not yet sure what I do think.”

“It can get a bit much sometimes and it’s easy to complain, but when I really think about it, it’s nothing that I won’t have to deal with later, and it’s normal to get annoyed when you’re in the same place all the time.”

“I think that some people still have to understand that academics and the life outside classes are not separate.”

“All my classes are enjoyable when I’m prepared for them, with the right state of mind and having done my homework.”

One student felt that there was not enough space on the form to say what you really feel; another student covered the whole of the back of the form with what they were feeling……

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