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Students’ Quotes from Questionnaires

Towards the end of the autumn term a questionnaire was given to all students asking them about how the term had gone, about their studies, and their reflections on their future at Brockwood. These are some of their written replies:

“I feel more responsible for the school and for people this year. I care more because I’ve seen how it can get when I don’t.”

“Opportunities are there for you, if you are open to them.”

“Sometimes I feel life at Brockwood is a bit too full, but it pushes me to set my own boundaries.”

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Brockwood’s Calcutta Academy

In the beginning of January one passionate Brockwood teacher, one painter and four students made their way to Calcutta in India to visit former Brockwood staff members Ashna, Brian and their son Malu to take part in what they call the Calcutta academy.

Brockwood’s Calcutta Academy
Left to right: Klara, Friederike and Paloma in a ‘Tuk tuk’, a typical Indian auto Riksha.

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Staff on Retreat

From January 5th to the 11th, while students are still on their winter break, the staff are on a collegiality-building retreat at Yewfield, a vegetarian B&B run by former Brockwood staff members, situated in the north of England in the Lake District. There we are seriously studying K’s teaching daily as well as sitting together silently, having dialogues about the intentions of the school, cooking together, and going on walks in the beautiful nature around. Enjoy below some of the pictures taken on the Jan. 6th hike up to “Black Crag”.

Staff on Retreat
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