Daily Archive for November 6th, 2010

Of Sheep and Dialogues, Books and Catalogues

Usha is from the Krishnamurti School in India called Centre for Learning (CFL). She had offered to come to Brockwood for two months to help in the library. Now that her time is up we wished she didn’t have to go! We are indeed very thankful for the incredible job she did there. Here follows Usha’s reflections on her time here:

I dreamt I was in Brockwood again and I was….after 16 years. What changes might I find in the place and in me? Would I still have the energy and the ability to act, interact, relate, and do anything meaningful in the library? Random thoughts like these kept arising in my mind as I prepared to leave Bangalore for Brockwood. But there was also an eagerness to challenge myself, to leave my comfort zone and see how I could function in a different place.

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