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You Gotta Trust It!

Brockwood bids farewell to Colin Foster, physics teacher and former Academic Director, who has lived and worked in the school for a total of 22 years and is leaving to pursue his own projects. He was recently interviewed about his life and time at Brockwood by mature student Pedro Lopez. The following is the transcript of the interview.

We had arranged to meet in the Conservatory of the Krishnamurti Center at 6 P.M. on a Sunday, after trying to find a free slot that us both (a Mature Student and a Staff Member) shared, which was less easy than it sounds.  When I arrived there he was already waiting for me in the Sitting Room, reading the International Herald Tribune, something I have seen him doing several times in the same place, at roughly the same time. He was wearing brown trousers and socks, and the grey sweater he normally wears. He was wearing warm clothes for an early May evening.  This has been anything but a warm spring, and very few flowers and trees outside have had the determination to blossom. He stood up as soon as I came in, got himself a cup of Grain Beverage and walked me to the Conservatory, where he moved a chair so we could sit facing each other. He was, as usual, very calm and gentle. While we sat in silence for a few minutes before starting our conversation, he stared with his grey-blue eyes at the horizon without moving at all, a thoughtful expression on his face. The sun still had a couple of hours to set down, but one could say that Colin looked as someone who is staring at the most wonderful sunset. That was the only time I saw him completely still. When he speaks he normally changes his position in the chair, as if he was looking for a more comfortable position. His face, though, shows calmness and comfort. We then started a conversation that would last for an hour, and which will mainly focus in Colin’s life at Brockwood. For those who do not know, he is leaving this year, after having been related to the School for nearly three decades. This interview is a small effort in trying to keep a bit of all he has seen and done here for the future. Speaking to Colin is like listening to jazz. You know were each question started, you never know where it is going with all the shifts and drifts he makes during the conversation, but it always comes back to the initial idea. He’s very fast at associating ideas, and entangles them making each answer a delightful story, with unexpected twists and pauses. Some phrases he doesn’t even finish, but it doesn’t feel as if something is missing, quite the contrary, it feels like what was about to come is not important anymore, and what is coming out of his reflective face is going to be the final answer.

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