About the Food Festival

The food festival is an event that happens once during the year if students decide to take the responsibility to organize it. The idea of the food festival is to have groups of people cooking a dish (or two) from their country, to get to discover the food of other countries, and to have the whole school cooking at the same time!

At first, Luke came up to me thinking of organizing the event. After the agreement of the co-principals, we made a list of the countries where people come from in the school. We put the list on the notice board and everyone signed up for a country (not necessarily their own). In total, there were 18 countries – we gathered in one group some countries having common dishes.

Next, we asked all the groups to give us their recipes to have a list of ingredients they would need. Some products could be ordered from the school, but some others required a trip out of Brockwood. Luke and I realised that it was a big responsibility to buy various products for the whole school, keeping in mind the limited amount of food we should get and the budget (the money was taken from the student budget).

When we gathered everyone’s ingredients (it took about two weeks for things to be organized), all groups could start cooking in various places of the school, from Woodlands to Inwoods, on Sunday 14th in the afternoon.

At 7.15 pm, we were ready to eat. Rupert did a small speech about the meal and we could start trying bits of every dish. There was really some amazing food! Then the cleaning went smoothly; the leftovers were little and the waste nearly inexistent.

The comments we received Luke and I were positive, apart from the few stomach ache people had the next day… But in general, I think it was successful!

Pauline, student from France

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